Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Fun Finds Continue

I continue to make progress going through boxes of cards from the purchase I made several months back. I have yet to strike a balance between blogging and sorting/exploring, hence the large gaps in posts at time.

A couple days back I was sorting through a boring box of 1990 Fleer and noticed two slightly oversized cards on the side.  I slid them out and was pleasantly surprised to see they had a little age on them, they looked vintagey, 1970s vintage.

Then I took a closer look at the first one, here it is:

A cool, slightly oversized cartoon card from Fleer and R.G. Laughlin.  These look similar to the World Series cards that were put out in the early 70s, this set is a 42 card set of Baseball's Wildest Days and Plays.  I love these types of cards.  I got more excited seeing the pinstriped NY on the had and turned the card over and saw this was a Giants card that I needed for my collection.  Very cool!

The second card was the same size, looked to be about the same age but was of the football variety:

A nice vintage 49er card of HOFer Leo Nomellini.  I haven't been able to identify the set.  I couldn't find a matching set on with a photo to identify it.  The closest are some Fleer Cloth Patch Stickers from 1974 and 1975 on COMC.  The design is the same but instead of a cloth sticker, this is just a card.  Regardless, the is a perfect addition into my 49ers vintage collection.

I don't know what the chances are that both of these fun finds would fit right into my collection but I am sure glad they did.  Off to the binders they go.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Oh My, O-Pee-Chee

Not too long back, I received a shipment of cards from COMC, my patience wore thin and I didn't want to wait to get my last few 1969 Topps cards for my set.  I of course got all my cards delivered including this batch of 1970 O-Pee-Chee Giants/

 The fronts are identical to the Topps cards from 1970...

The only noticeable difference is on the back.  If you look along the bottom you can see the Printed in Canada.

I don't remember the exact price but recall these all being pretty affordable and left me four cards short of the Giants team set.  I just need #107 Bobby Etheridge, #466 Juan Marichal AS, #478 Bob Heise and #526 Bob Herbel.  There is a spring sale on COMC starting in a couple days and I might need to try and finish this set.

I have had a fascination with OPC cards since I started collecting and would love to complete the entire run of Giants.  I believe they started issuing OPC cards in 1965 and while I have quite a few, I still have a ways to go.  Here are the number of cards I need by year:

1965 - 13
1966 - 8
1967 - 10
1968 - 11
1969 - 5
1970 - 4
1971 - 21
1972 - 13
1973 - 23
1974 - 22
1975 - 19
1976 - 12
1977 - 1992 Complete
1993 - 1
1994 - Complete

I have a nice run virtually complete from 1977 on.  If you happen to have a source for vintage OPC cards (I don't need great condition) help me out.  I would love to whittle that list down a bit.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Just for the "F" of It #14

Several weeks before requesting delivery of my latest COMC order I ran across a couple cards that didn't really fit into a specific collecting niche but I had to have once laying eyes on them.

Regular readers of this blog may recall that I am a graduate of USC and I am a proud Trojan alumnus.  I have a pretty solid USC football card collection but haven't really concentrated too much on picking up former Trojan baseball players.  If you aren't aware of the long history of USC baseball players, here is a partial list of graduates who made it to the big leagues: Bob Lillis, Ron Fairly, Don Buford, Rene Lachemann, Tom Seaver, Bill Lee, Tom House, Dave Kingman, Jim Barr, Steve Busby, Fred Lynn, Roy Smalley, Steve Kemp, Rich Dauer, Mark McGwire, Randy Johnson, Jacque Jones, Eric Munson, Barry Zito, Mark Prior, Morgan Ensberg, Ian Kennedy, and Lucas Duda.  In my four years at USC, the team had the following players that made it to the bigs: Bret Boone, John Cummings, Damon Buford, Jeff Cirillo, Mark Smith, Mark Robertson, Aaron Boone, Bobby Hughes, Geoff Jenkins and Gabe Alvarez.  I had tons of fun stopping by the on campus ball field to watch these guys play.

Although Kingman was before my time at SC, I remember much of his career in the big leagues.  Seeing him in his Trojan uniform in a 1982 inspired design from 2005 Topps Pristine was too good to pass up.  I picked up both the regular and refractor version.  Outside of a few 1/1s, there is still a gold refractor /65 to chase.  I will keep my eyes open and see if I can complete the rainbow Just for the Fun of It.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Joy of a Completed Insert Set - 2014 Panini Hall of Fame The Elite Series

In addition to knocking off the last three cards of my 1969 Topps set, my recent COMC order also finished off a couple more sets I have been working on.  Interestingly, I have been working on these sets for much longer than the 1969 set but they are much more modern.

This post will focus on the second of those two sets, The Elite Dominator insert set that was also an insert in 2014 Panini Hall of Fame.  As I mentioned previously, I bought a few boxes of this to help expand my autograph collection of Hall of Famers.  Each box contained one or two of these inserts and I instantly fell in love with them  After a few boxes and seeing that prices were very reasonable on the secondary market I decided to build the the set.

This Roberto Clemente was the final card I need to finish off the set:

Again, I decided to show the set off in its entirety, as you will see the collection of players is also quite impressive with quite a few of teh same players from the Elite Series.  Even though I really like the design of The Elite Series inserts, the green borders make these my favorite of the tow.  See for yourself: 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Returns from the Purge - The Collector

When I posted about my big collection purchase and shared some of my finds I had a few collectors reach out and work out a trade for some of the cards.  Despite some really nice trades and purchase I worked out, this was perhaps my favorite.  Chris from The Collector  shared a pretty awesome card that he had and I didn't hesitate a bit when he offered it up for trade.  In typical blogger fashion, I will save the gem for the end but I also scored some other nice cards for my collection.

First up some Giants needs.  I can't believe I never picked up that Mays catch, it is a beautiful card.  The Panda card is a great one, the 2010 Finest design is one of my favorites with the team logo in the background.  I like that Sandoval is blowing a bubble in his fielding position, he is looking in pretty good shape as well.

Here are a couple of great looking 49er cards, those first few years of Ultra produced beautiful cards.  Merton Hanks is one of my favorite Niners of all time, I have even thought of building a collection of his cards but haven't pulled the trigger.

These are two parallels from last year's Heritage release, they are the bright yellow back variations.  I didn't have any of these yet so super nice additions to my collection.

However, here is the star of the show:

A 1934 Goudey!  This is the first Goudey card from 34 in my collection.  This is such a great looking card and a wonderful addition to my Giants collection.

Chris, I can't thank you enough, thanks for the awesome trade!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Joy of a Completed Insert Set - 2014 Panini Hall of Fame The Elite Series

In addition to knocking off the last three cards of my 1969 Topps set, my recent COMC order also finished off a couple more sets I have been working on.  Interestingly, I have been working on these sets for much longer than the 1969 set but they are much more modern.

This post will focus on one of those two sets, The Elite Series insert set that was an insert in 2014 Panini Hall of Fame.  This was a product that delivered two autographs of Hall of Famers and a few different other cards.  I bought a few boxes of this to help expand my autograph collection of Hall of Famers.  Each box contained one or two of these inserts and I instantly fell in love with them  After a few boxes and seeing that prices were very reasonable on the secondary market I decided to build the the set.

This Ryne Sandberg was the final card I need to finish off the set:

I decided to show the set off in its entirety, as you will see the collection of players is quite impressive.  Of course they are all HOFers but they also cross a multitude of generations. Of course being a Panini product, these are logo-less but I think they still look great.  I will let the set do the rest of the talking:

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Returns from the Purge - Johnny's Trading Spot

John from Johnny's Trading Spot is the next generous return from the purge package to showcase.  John has sent tons of cards in numerous packages over the years, it amazes me he still has excess Giants to shoot my way.  Once again he didn't disappoint, check out the cards in this package:

This is a team set, or darn near a full team set of 1994 Fleer Excel cards.  This is a minor league release and my LCS has a box or two of this laying around that I have been tempted to pick up a couple times.  Now that I have these Giants, my eyes will probably seek out another oddball issue.

There was a nice mix of early 2000s Giants as well and these were all needs.  Merkin Valdez was to 2004 what Christian Arroyo was to 2016 and Fred Lewis was to 2007 - Giants rookies that didn't amount to much that were in just about every product released.  That may not be fair to Arroyo who still has a chance.  Its odd seeing a Bobby Thomson highlight that doesn't reference The Shot Heard Round the World.

I collected the heck out of the Bazooka sets and never pulled a Giants parallel so it is great to finally have a couple in my collection.  The bottom 3 are all stickers and Mr. Valdez shows up again.

The orange must have gotten a couple stacks mixed together as I got some Astros in the cards John sent my way.  There are some nice cards in here so I thought I would scan them up to see if anyone needed them.

Finally some recent Giants to help out with last years's holiday set and this years flagship team set.

Thanks John for the great package once again!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My 1969 Topps Set is Complete!

I recently requested and received a shipment from COMC.  I hadn't had anything shipped since the free shipping on Black Friday but after picking up the last few cards for my 1969 Topps set I had little patience and decided to have my 176 card inventory delivered so the cards for my 69 set would all be in hand.

Here are the final 3 cards, all of HOFers, that put the end to my 1969 set quest. 

First up is a rookie card of HOF Manager Bobby Cox from back in his playing days.  One of the highlights of the 1969 set has to be the awesome All-Star Rookie cup.

Next up is another rookie HOFer, Rollie Fingers.  This pic of him in his pre-handlebar days makes him almost unrecognizable.  I think I had a copy of this card at one point and decided to trade it away before going after this set.

Finally, a great looking card of HOF Ted Williams as manager of the Washington Senators.  This is a card I am certain I had previously and I recall sending it to another blogger who I think needed it as the last card for his set.  Fitting that it was the last card I had in my possession to finish off my set.

This set quest started with a flurry of activity with the purchase of a partial set and a bunch of singles.  When I first posted back at the beginning of 2017 I only needed 41 cards.  It took about 15 months to get those last 41 cards, not too bad for a 1960s vintage set.  It was a blast to put this together and now it is time to figure out which set quest to embark upon next!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Returns from the Purge - It's like having my own Card Shop

These aren't necessarily trade posts, as the boxes I sent out in my purge were sent out no strings attached.  I can't say I am surprised with how many fellow bloggers did some some cards back in return with the generosity consistently displayed in this community.  Today's post is a return package from It's like having my own Card Shop

I got a nice variety of Giants cards with quite a few cards to knock off my want list.

The two UD Play Ball cards finished off a team set, very cool.  I didn't realized the Correia was a parallel until it was getting filed away in my binder, that was a nice surprise.  The Burkett silver signature parallel gets me one step closer to the team set.  I haven't officially gone on a quest to complete the silver sig parallel set but every time I get a new one I almost pull the trigger on a shopping spree to finish it off.

I haven't figured out a way to create a checklist of Giants minor leaguers, one of the few gaps in my pretty detailed checklists.  I am always glad to add more to my collection.  I still need to get a binder put together for them, maybe that can be a 2019 goal, lord knows I have enough goals for 2018.

This is a nice relic of a short time stay with the Giants, Andres Galarraga.  The Big Cat played for the Giants for part of 2001 and all of 2003 and played pretty well even being at the end of his career.  It seems his autographed cards have started to pop up in a few new Topps products lately.  I was able to purge my collection of most of my Chipz, except of course the Giants.  The black Panda Chipz is the first of that color I have seen.  Not sure if it is super rare but I bought quite a few packs and never got a black one.

The final cards to share are at first glace what appears to be typical 2004 Topps Giants base cards.  Upon closer inspection, I saw the 1st edition symbol on these.  I had 2 or 3 of these parallels in my collection but all 5 are new to me.  I don't recall how these were distributed but I am glad to have almost a binder page full now.

Thanks for the great cards Daniel, I really appreciate you returning the favor.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Joy of a Completed Vintage Team Set - 1955 Topps Giants

My post a few days back with my Otahni trade took a little of the surprise out of this post but I couldn't pass up to capture the entire 1955 Topps Giant team set in one post after securing the Mays.

The team set is pretty small with just 10 cards but it is a great looking set with the portrait picture of the player and a second full body in action photo.  I love the Giants logo of the era as well.  In addition to the Mays, the team set has HOFer Monte Irvin and card #1 Dusty Rhodes.  I am not really sure why the Giants are so under represented since they won the World Series just a year before in 1954.  By comparison the Red Sox have 21 cards in the set.  I guess I shouldn't complain, who knows if my team set would be complete today if it had double the cards.

Here is the entire team set in all its glory:

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Would You Make this Trade?

Last year I was lucky enough to pull one of the Ohtani cards everyone was chasing from the retail Bowman Mega Box product, here it is:

It was the purple parallel numbered /250. At the time it was going for triple digits and I thought about selling it but I took the easy way out and just stashed it.  Around the start of Spring Training I decided to check and see what they were selling for and was pleasantly surprised.  I decided to my card up with a highish Buy It Now price and see what happened.  I got a couple bids that were the same, countered to the first bidder and the card was sold.

I decided to take the funds and go after some bigger cards that would be tough to secure within my budget.  I decided to show these to you and see if you would trade the Ohtani for the cards I received in return.

I will share the cards in the order of least to greatest cost and also of note, after buying these four cards and paying eBay/PayPal fees I have about a blaster worth of PayPal left.

First up is a dual of two guys I collect:

I have bid on probably half or more of these and they kept going above what I was willing to pay.  Interestingly enough I got this for a lower price than any of the others went for.  Maybe it was the ding in the upper right corner but I don't care much about that - just happy to have this in my collection.

Next up is the second to last card I needed to complete my 1969 Topps set:

A Reggie Jackson Rookie!  This is actually the second one in my collection and my Reggie binder has this card on page one.  The condition isn't the greatest but I got a pretty good deal.  I typically am not a fan of graded cards (too difficult to store and can't put them in my set binder) but as I build some of these vintage sets it seems like the safest way to go to ensure I don't get stuck with high quality reprints.

Next up, the final card for my 1969 Topps set!:

Mickey Mantle's final card from his playing days.  I actually got the Reggie after the Mickey and have three cards on the way from COMC so until that COMC shipment comes in I can't celebrate the set completion.  I can celebrate adding this great card to my collection and I am pretty happy with the condition, it is better than I thought I would be able to get.  Same thing holds true on the grading as it does with the Reggie - better safe than sorry.

The final card in my trade

A 1955 Topps Willie Mays!  Not only is this a great card of the best all around player of all time, it completes my 1955 Topps Giants team set.  This card has some soft corners but boy does it look amazing.  I have had an eBay search for this card for years waiting to find a good one in my price range.  This was a splurge but I am so glad I made it.

When typing this post, I checked back to see the prices of current sales and after 3 HRs in 3 consecutive games and flirting with a perfect game, it appears the prices on the Ohtani have started to rise a bit but I am 100% satisfied with the timing of my sale and what I got in return.

If you had that purple Ohtani, would you trade it for the four cards I did or something similar?

Monday, April 9, 2018

More Fun Finds

I thought I would share a couple more things that I have uncovered as I work my way through the large collection I purchased. If you want to see a running list of the sets and partial sets I have, take a look at this link.   Much of it is available for purchase or trade.  Since I laid out some significant cash, I probably can't just give it away.  There is lots of cool stuff from the 4 major sports along with a ton of non-sports stuff.

I thought I would share this card that puzzled me a bit when I first unearthed it. 

I have teased that I have started collecting Fred Lynn cards (post upcoming at some point and time) so this card immediately excited me as I didn't remember having it.  I looked at my checklist and couldn't find any reference to a 1981 Fred Lynn Topps Coke card.  I looked at and saw that card #3 in the Red Sox Coke set was Dwight Evans.  I looked at COMC and eBay and couldn't find this card.   I did come across a couple Coke Red Sox team sets, again with Dewey Evans and not Fred Lynn.  I decided to reach out to last year's Secret Santa and some who seems to know a ton about Red Sox cards - Mark Hoyle.  He gave me some cool insight that solved the mystery. Apparently Lynn was to be included in the set but was pulled at the last minute when he was traded to the Angels.  A few of these cards sneaked out but were pretty rare.  A few years ago, it seems that a batch of these got out on the secondary market again making them less rare but based on my searches not too easy to find.  Either way, a great addition to my growing Fred Lynn collection.

I also thought I would share another great find from this collection.

Pages!  I have recently finished removing all the cards from the dozens of binders that came with this collection.  Some held sets, some held star players, some were quite random.  As you can see, I was able to rescue a pretty significant number of pages which should last me for quite a while.  I had to toss many more than I kept as they were either the older pages that were too rigid or flimsy or they were damaged.  It seemed some of these binders got some water damage at some point so there were cards stuck in some pages.  These are all Ultra Pro platinum pages and should help me get a couple of working vintage sets into pages and keep my player collection binders and Giants binders going for some time.

I have slowed down in recent weeks in going through the collection but I have unearthed some great finds.  Stay tuned for future updates.