Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My First Experience with Panini Points

I picked up a blaster of Donruss Optics a little while back and pulled my first Panini Points.  I have heard and read some discussions about these points and it seems like most collectors aren't fans of the program.  On high end products like Immaculate or Flawless, I get it.  You pay hundreds of dollars for a box of cards, you should get your cards.  However, out of a blaster, I saw this as a bonus and went shopping.

I only got 150 points which is pretty low and about the fewest amount of points to secure a card.  I found the web site to be very user friendly.  I was able to select the point range I wanted to shop in, the sport and even the team I was interested in.  I of course went right to the Giants and after a little pondering, selected this relic card:

I admit the big, logoless hat staring right at you isn't the most attractive, but I decided I liked the large swatch and the overall Silhouette design.  As I reflect back on the experience, I think I would have been very happy to pull a Giants relic out of any blaster so I am a fan of my first Panini Points experience.


  1. It is always nice to have a choice and get a card from the team you want and collect. Seems good to me.

    I don't think I've seen Panini points in football.

  2. I actually really like this idea (especially in high end products). I don't get people's gripe with it. If I'm going to open high end stuff, and I'm guaranteed to be able to get something from the team I collect, I'm all for it. Yeah, there's probably some kinks to be worked out... but I'm certainly not opposed.