Sunday, May 14, 2017

COMC Vintage and Hits - March

First off - Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there.  I wrote this post on Saturday and will be off the grid for most of the day spending time with my wife and kids.

Time to finish up my March COMC delivery with a mix of vintage card and hits.  These two types of cards are on the opposite end of the spectrum but I don't want to draw this out any longer.

First up are some vintage San Francisco 49ers:
Some cool cards here from the 1960 and 1970 Topps sets.  My energy in going after the vintage 49ers has been strong of late but I was looking to mix up my purchase a bit and found these vintage beauties at very reasonable prices.  I really like the design of the 1960 set and now have 4/10 49ers.  This is a team set I would like to go after based on the aesthetics.  These 6 1970s matched with the 2 I already have get me to 8/10 49ers.  I am not as big of a fan of the design but my new closeness to finishing off the set will make this one a target as well.

Next up are 8 cards for my 1971 Topps set.  Since these acquisitions I have been aggressively seeking out the last few cards I need to finish it off and I hope to have a celebration post in the not too distant future.  No huge names here but a outside of the Sal Campisi card, I really enjoy the photos on all these cards.

Now moving on to the hits portion of the post.  I liked watching Josh Shaw play DB for the Trojans and found a quad of his auto cards on the cheap.  I really like the shiny one with the Go Trojans inscription.  I also like the fact he is wearing his USC uni in all the photos.  You may recall a story about Shaw in which he lied about how he injured his ankles saying it was rescuing a drowning a kid instead of an odd escape from his girlfriend's apartment balcony.  Not the greatest character but he went to my school :-)  The final card is a 2010 Topps Chrome parallel, not exactly a hit.  I was going for the Trojan rainbow back in 2010 which was a pretty daunting feat with 14 different players each having 8 cards (I wasn't going after the 1/1s).  This Damian Williams orange completed that color and I also have the base cards complete. Still missing 1 refractor, 6 x-fractors, 8 purples, 7 blues, 11 gold and 13 reds.  Kind of a crazy goal to shoot for back then but decided to at least finish off one of the colors.

Now for some Giant hits.  I was able to pick up all 3 of the Giant Topps Chrome autos for under $2 each.  The lack of value in these hits is the primary reason I haven't gone after any hobby boxes of Topps Chrome in a few years.  The odds are so long to getting a card that makes it worth while.  I now pick up a few packs of retail to get my pack busting fix then seek out any Giants I decide to go after.  The Williamson Diamond Kings card was really cheap as well and is a nice dual relic with an auto.  Pretty solid design on that card with the nice Giants orange in the background.

My final two cards are an auto relic of perennial Giants prospect Kyle Crick and a Heritage relic of The Freak, Tim Lincecum.  It doesn't look like Crick is going to pan out but I could resist picking up this card.  I am planning on putting together a checklist/want list of the Giants Clubhouse Collection relics so this was a nice addition.

I have one more COMC order that I had delivered after this one (my Christmas scratch off free shipping wins made it easy to do) and will probably get another delivery as well soon to finish off the 1971 Topps set - I cannot wait until Black Friday to get those last cards in my hand.


  1. There's something particularly classic looking about that 71 Ed Kranepool.