Thursday, March 15, 2018

Returns From the Purge - Baseball Cards Come to Life!

I am getting caught up on sharing the cards that I received and starting to feel a little better (less guilty) and I believe this great group of cards from Bo at Baseball Cards Come to Life! gets me at or beyond the half way point in sharing!  I have some more great cards to share but will have to do some scanning before I can share.

Let's focus on the present!  Bo scoured my want lists and came up with an impressive and somewhat eclectic batch of cards that fit nicely into a few parts of my collection.

Got a few Giants here with my favorite being the Will Clark.  The Clark is actually a box bottom card from Fleer and has been on my want list for quite some time.  I was also glad to add the Dave Winfield card.  It is a very familiar card but was missing from my Winfield binder

Here are some Giants of the shiny variety.  The Sergio Romo is a favorite.  Romo was a big contributor to the Giants run of 3 titles and this was his first card.

Finally some rare additions from 3 different sets that have been on my want list for quite some time with little progress.  The 2 Topps cards are from 2011 Pro Debut, I opened a couple of boxes and put together a want list and I don't know if I have knocked one card off that want list until this package came.  I also bought a box of Swell Greats a few years back and curiously got several copies of the first half of the set but missed out on quite a few from the second half.  That list got 2 cards smaller.  Finally a couple Highlights inserts from the USA baseball set including an appearance of Rod Dedeaux, former manager of my USC Trojans baseball club.

Thanks Bo for the great cards and for going through my want lists.  Your return package was greatly appreciated!

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  1. I like that box bottom Clark...I couldn't remember the image on 1989 Fleer, but didn't think that was it.