Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Secret Santa Goods

My blogging has fallen by the wayside but I felt the need to dust off the keyboard and share the great goods I got in the Secret Santa gift exchange.

This year the person I got to send to was a neighbor to the north and I dropped off a small package a couple days ago - the $10 international shipping hurt a bit but it is the giving season.  I found a couple cards off his most wanted list and assuming it was up to date I hope they make him happy.

Coincidentally, my Secret Santa was a different collector from Canada as well.  When I saw the return address I was hoping to see some OPC cards and the package didn't disappoint.

First, a non OPC card for the Giants collection:

I was really glad to get this Longoria, I didn't have the wood parallels even on my want list, this was a need and I was able to add the other Giants from the set. 

Next up were some cards I was excited to see:

 Three 1970s Giants and based on the rough cut on the left side of the Moffitt I was optimistic these were OPC cards as that cut is quite common with these cards.

When I flipped the cards over I was 66% happy, the Barr is a Topps card but the Moffitt and Falcone are OPC needs.  I went through a short stretch where I was trying to knock off some OPC Giants wants off the list and these cards got me thinking of making that a focus in 2020.

While these cards were great, there was one more card that was clearly the highlight of the package. 

A 1973 Reggie Jackson and from those rough cut edges I could tell...

another OPC card!  This was a definite need for the Reggie collection and a card I am super excited about.  Interestingly when I was looking at my want list and removing this card I noticed that my list said I still needed a copy of the regular Topps card.  I pulled out a box of 70s star cards and had a copy so I was able to mark off 2 cards.

So my Secret Santa left a business card in the package but I don't want to share that as it has some personal info but it I was lucky enough to get Kari.  Kari doesn't appear to have a blog but does have an account on the Trading Card Data Base under the ID of karsal.

Thank you Kari for the great gift!


  1. Kari's a great guy. He sent me a Christmas present totally out of the blue this year that contained 153 cards out of a set I had never even heard of, but would have had on my wantlist if I had!

  2. Quite the package. I didn't know vintage OPC had edge issues like that. Thanks for the education!

  3. That Reggie is pretty awesome! I've heard some people in the past say that they don't like vintage OPC, primarily because of the rough cuts, but I've always thought that that's what made them so unique.