Friday, May 17, 2013

Oddball Mania

A few weeks back I blogged about some oddball match book covers featuring Willie Mays and asked the question about whether or not oddball issues were considered nice parts of any readers collections.  I only got 3 comments but all 3 indicated that they really like oddballs and I fall into the same category.

I like picking up oddballs of all shapes and sized that feature players on the Giants or even items that just feature the Giants logo.  Let's see what type of Oddballs we have...

Tasty Treat Oddballs:
I am sure most of you have seen these oddballs, smaller than standard size and cut off a box of Twinkees or Ho Hos. 

Circular Oddballs:
 This is a MSA disc of the Isaly's and Sweet William back variety.  I always enjoy picking up cards of the Count.

Hall of Famer Oddballs:
These are some random Superstar oddballs of The Say Hey kid.  I believe the yellow bordered cards came out in 1980 while the red was released in 1982.

Jumbo Oddballs:
Hard to tell from the scan but this is an 8X10 Zenith card of the Home Run King.  I scanned the back to prove it isn't just an 8X10 photo.  I enjoy the photo on this card with the old Candlestick retired number circle on the outfield fence.

3D Motion Oddballs:
Not really sure what this one is.  It has Sportsflic-type motion.  The back has a sticker that says Printer's Proof 33 of 1000.  It measures 5X7 and features great action showing Barry cranking one out of the park.

Magic Rub Off Oddballs:
 These are rub offs released by Topps in 1961.  These two have been transferred to paper but still look pretty cool.  Nice to have picked them up for under $5 delivered.

Cloth Sticker, Team Logo Decal, Pennant Decal and Stamp Oddballs:
This Murcer 1977 Topps Cloth sticker finished my team set of 2.  The Giants decal logo in the middle top was apparently release by Fleer in 1960-62.  The Pennant decal is from 1961 Fleer and celebrates the Giants 1933 World Championship.  the stamp is from 1964 Wheaties.  I had never seen any of the final 3 and found them on Sportlots auctions for $3.25, $5.50 and $3.25 respectively.  I am not sure if that is a good or bad deal for most but for me they were great pick ups of oddballs I had never seen before.

Iron-On Transfers Oddballs:
This transfer is still in its original packaging and measures 5X7.  I am not sure exactly what year this was released but I would guess early 60s and the back shows they were produced for 20 teams along with Mani-Yacks like Mr. Rat Fink and Johnny Jet and Mani-Yack Monster Portraits of Frankenstein, Dracula, Phantom, Mummy, Creature and Wolf Man.  At a bargain price of 29 cents this must have been a pretty cool pickup in the day. I remember having a couple iron on logo shirts when I was a kid.

Well these are my most recent oddball purchases, what do you think?  I plan on keeping my eyes open for more, be sure to share yours as you pick them up as well.


  1. Of course I love oddballs!

    Not ones with Giants on them though. You've got to do something about that.

  2. Nice. You can go bug eyed trying to keep track of all the MSA discs out there. There are a ton.

  3. Oddballs are awesome! The Zenith 8x10 set is one of my personal favorites... it had some pretty cool photos in that set.