Sunday, June 9, 2013

2013 Museum Collection - A Mighty Fine Product

Typically I am not a huge fan of the high end releases.  While I have picked up a couple here and there for my players collection, Triple Threads has never exited me.  I usually appreciate the Tribute base cards and will seek out some parallels but again not much in the way of excitement from that set.  Back in Upper Deck's heyday, I did enjoy Exquisite but it was way too out of my price range, even base cards were going for more than I wanted to spend. It was a pretty quality product but the box price and resale price made me less than a fan.

Over the past 2 years, Topps has released Museum Collection and I am a huge fan.  Last year I actually bought 4 packs of the stuff (the equivalent of 1 box) and pulled a Griffey Jr. Auto/Relic that I quickly sold on eBay to actually make some money for once.  This year I bought a pack at the LCS and scored this beauty:

It is numbered out of 30 and even though I am fairly certain that I wouldn't get my money back on the pack, this is the kind of relic that should be in a high in product.  Great color, design and a huge bat piece.  This has replaced another Schmidt relic in my HOF collection until I score an auto of his.

The product does have some less than stellar hits but to me that keeps the price down.  Another thing I really like is the design of the base cards.  The photography is typically quite nice and I appreciate the border and overall design.  They have a few parallels of each card which makes player and team collecting a little more fun.  Recently I have scored these Giants base and parallel cards on eBay and at the LCS:
I am not sure where the 424 serial number came from but I have been able to pick up 3 bronze parallels from the Giants team set.  As of now the Green parallel of Juan Marichal is the lowest numbered card I have but I plan to keep on seeking out more of these parallels.  I like the mix of current players and past star players.  I also think the orange in McCovey and Cain's cards look very nice.

Speaking of past star players:
Two of my favorites and two guys I player collect are in the base set.  The green parallel on the Rickey card goes great with the A's uni and the gold Reggie jersey stands out.  I love it when these two players are in their A's uniforms on new releases.  As you can see, I picked up two of the Reggie bronze parallels so if you would like one, drop me a note for a trade.

The autos in Museum Collection can be found on the secondary market for a very reasonable amount.  I may have even overpaid for this one but jumped on it at $8 to take advantage of combined shipping:
 I am very happy Vida has made a return over the past couple years.  While it isn't a new photo, this one does fit perfectly in with this product.  I also greatly appreciate the on card autos in this product.

Finally my last pickup...
For only $6 on my LCS's bid board I scored this HOF auto of Billy Williams.  I had a really nice Williams auto in his Cubs uni but traded it to a friend on my message boards as he needed it for a set he was putting together.  I got another Williams auto in return but in that card he is in an A's uniform and it just didn't look right. Now I have a new Williams card for the HOF collection.

This is my favorite high end product of all time and I can't wait to pick up a few more of my players and of the Giants.  I will also keep on the lookout for some more autos, the on card auto and great design make for a great card!


  1. Love the schmidt! If it ever comes up for trade let me know!

  2. Maybe we could work something on ur extra reggie.

  3. Love the Reggies and the Henderson. And you definitely didn't overpay on the Vida... on-card autograph + Athletics legend = awesome.

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