Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Night Owl delivers a nice package of Giants goodies

I thought I would share some cards I received from everyone's favorite Nocturnal Feathered Creature, Greg at Night Owl Cards.  Greg and I are in the habit of sending each other random cards every so often, I even sent him a huge stack of 1979 Topps cards as I started my purge prior to my move.  He didn't need all of them, but I did clear up some much needed space. Once I get settled I plan on putting together a list of all my duplicates (tons of sets from late 70s through early 90s) to see if anyone wants starter lots to build any of those sets.

Let's look at this last batch of cards Greg sent.  First up are some - Mmmmmminnniiiiiiiiiiiissssssss!
I am half way done with the 75 mini set after getting these cards.  Also scored a nice Barry Zito mini from this year's Gypsy Queen.  I really am behind on my 2013 Giants collecting as I really need to update my want lists and make this a focus.  While I haven't been posting much of my recent purchases, my focus has been primarily on 1960s Giants vintage.  I love picking up vintage but need to make sure I don't let the opportunity to get the new cards pass me by.

Speaking of newer cards, here are some more 2013 cards Greg included.  I really like the Opening Day parallels and I suspect that it wasn't too hard for Night Owl to separate himself from a card featuring the Beard.  the Mays die cut is a sweet card and I am happy that Cain's perfecto was memorialized as a Heritage insert.  Back to my lack of focus on 2013 cards, I can't believe I still need Series 1 emerald parallels after Series 2 has been released.

The final 2 cards of the package - I don't know where Greg keeps digging up these 90s cards.  I have slowly accumulated 7 of the 10 Stadium Club Mays/Bonds/Bonds inserts, mostly through trades like this. 

Thanks Greg for the cards, once I get unpacked I will be getting a stack together for you.  Plus, I am moving deeper into Dodger country so if there is something specific you are looking for, let me know.  One of the LCSs may have it.

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  1. I am a Giants magnet, that's where I keep digging up those cards.

    As for specifics, they all be on the Nebulous 9 list. (But if you stumble across any Kelloggs/Hostess Dodgers, don't hesitate!)