Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Topps Chrome Update - 4 Pack Break

Topps has done a few funky things over the last couple years. Of the top of my head I can think of:
  1. Topps Mini cards being only sold through for the last couple years
  2. Last year's update to Topps Heritage being sold as a factory set only on
  3. 2011 Ginter Glossy cards serial numbered to 999 sold only in factory sets on
  4. The hidden cards in the actual box in this years Ginter
I am sure I am missing a few of the gimmicks but recently another one came out with the release of 2013 Topps Chrome Update.  Today I picked up 2 boxes of cards at Target priced at $14.98 each that included 5 packs of Topps Update and 2 packs of Chrome Update.  I completed my base set of Update with a Jumbo box purchase but was able to pick up a couple needed inserts and a couple nice other cards in that break.

These are the 4 biggest highlights in the update packs minus the Puig rookie (didn't feel like scanning it):
 The Scherzer is an SP, I got a couple decent Emerald parallels and a really nice Gold parallel.  All these are for trade if you are interested.

Now on to the packs of Chrome, the real draw to the product for me:
 The first pack was kind of exciting to me as when I opened it up I saw the back of the Posey Postseason Heroes insert.  Posey is the only Giant in the update base set and this is the only Giants insert so pack 1, 1 Giant down, 1 to go. The Myers RC was also a nice score.
 Pack 2 was heaving on the Dodgers but it contained 1 of 2 Puig rookies.  I am guessing this is a pretty good score.  The Puig I pulled in the Update pack has the same photo as this chrome card.

 Pack 3 produced 3 great rookie cards (including the other Puig) along with an insert of last year's Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera.  Very good pack and one to go.

The 4th and final pack was probably the least exciting but I did score a black parallel of Alfonso Soriano numbered 87/99.

Overall I got great value out of these boxes.  The set builder in me is a little torn. I would love to put the entire 55 card Chrome Update set together.  On the plus side I knocked off most of the high value cards which helps.  On the minus side I spent $30 and am only 24% of the way to the set (13/55).  I would have to buy 7 more boxes with perfect collation to get the set that way and that isn't going to happen. I think I will make a want list, see if Sportlots gets some cheap commons up that I can jump and try to trade with anyone who may pick up a box or two.

Speaking of trades, the Soriano and Cabrera are up for trade. Also if you need some 2013 Topps Update drop me a note. I have tons of extra base and a few inserts I could trade your way.

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  1. I think you can find a place to send the Puigs/Kershaw. I haven't seen any of those mega boxes, although I haven't looked very hard.