Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trade Post - Phungo

It seems to happen fairly often.  A quick note about a card or two turns into a much bigger trade, especially when you are trading for the first time.  This trade with Paul over at Phungo started out with Paul asking me if I was interested in this Matt Cain Heritage black border card:

I said sure and we exchanged a couple emails and a trade was born.  I was super excited to get some of Paul's signature home made cards.  Check these out:

These are very cool and I got a nice selection of Giants.  Even though Terry Mulholland is listed as a Phillie, I remember him from his Giants day as well.  I really like the photo in the Cain/Lincecum card and all of these are very welcome additions to the Giants binders.

But it didn't stop there, all of these were included as well:
A great collection of past Giants from a bunch of different years and sets.  The Nen is looking quite psychedelic.  I really want to get more of the Giants from the Legends of NY set, I have a few but these are sharp looking cards.  The photography on the Jeff Kent card is perfect, right after contact.  It is a great use of the horizontal card design.

The Cain was great, the Phungo cards are better, but this card was by far the best of the package and completely unexpected.

A 1960 Vintage HOF card of Orlando Cepeda!  This was one of the last cards I needed for my 1960 Giants team set and I am so thankful to Paul for this awesome trade package.

Thanks for a great trade!

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  1. I agree w/ you on so many points about these cards, I am surprised we don't see the Angle on the Kent card more often. The Cain/Lincecum photo will always been one of my favorites, just because even though Lincecum has his backed turned but you know exactly who it is.

    I have that Blanco Red Parallel reserved, sadly I don't think the Giants are wll represented in 2014 Phungo so there may not be any new ones of those to add to your collection this year.