Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Joy of a Completed Set - 2012 Panini Triple Play

Over the last 10 days or so I have added some great cards to my collection.  I may not be blogging much lately but I am adding some great stuff to my collection.  One area of focus has been trying to finish off some sets and today I am going to share a card I picked up that only a set collector can love.

This card is a Real Feel Pants relic card out of 2012 Panini Triple Play:

Triple Play contains cards that are cartoonish in nature.  There are several subsets within the set including a run of 6 generic relic cards.  These cards contain a piece of a uniform that has no ties to any specific person or event, really it is just a piece of cut up uniform from a sporting goods store - some might argue that card companies have done something similar to this but misrepresented it as authentic.

When this set came out, I really liked it.  The design was new and fresh and the packs were cheap.  I believe my LCS sold me boxes of 30-36 packs for $25 or $30.  I decided I would put the set together and was successful in all areas but these relic cards.  A few of them came easy to me but I struggled to find the Batting Glove, Fielding Glove and Pants relics (the other 3 are Jersey, Base and Bat).  The two gloves entered my collection quite a ways back but the Pants relic was nowhere to be found.  Once came up for auction a few months back but went for close to $20 and I just couldn't see paying that for the card. 

My patience paid off when I recently picked up this card for $2 plus shipping on eBay.  Never has such a generic card made me so happy.  Typically sets that take a long time to complete have some pretty serious cards as the final pieces (i.e. my 1973 Mike Schmidt rookie to complete 1973 Topps) but this was just a random piece of baseball pant but I still felt the joy of a completed set.

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  1. The pants relics was the last one I needed for my set, too! I finished it off about 6 weeks ago.
    Congrats! Some of those subset cards seemed to be very much like SPs in terms of their availability, especially considering it's a unlicensed set aimed at a younger demographic.