Thursday, April 13, 2017

COMC Player Collections - March

Back on Black Friday I made a big purchase from COMC and got a nice stack of scratcher game cards.  Unfortunately I didn't win any store credit but I did get a few free shipping winners.  I did a little shopping and had a nice stack of card delivered in mid to late February.  I am not going to break this down into 10+ posts like I did with the Black Friday purchases but I will break it down into 4.

Today's post will feature all the cards I picked up for my player collections.

The biggest group of cards I acquired knocked off 18 needs from my Chili Davis want list:

I was able to pick up both the Topps and OPC versions of Chili's stickers.  The cards in the middle and bottom row are great looking with the Pinnacle Museum and the Stadium Club acetate card.

This group didn't scan too well as there is quite a bit of shiny going on.  Cards I need are becoming hard to come by, I feel lucky to bring in so many with this purchase.

I was able to reel in 2 nice Rickey cards.  The Cooperstown card celebrates him as the all time leader in runs.  This was an insert in one of my favorite releases of all time.  I had a copy in my set but needed one for the Rickey binder.  I also picked up an early 90s 7-11 disc.  The are different varieties with different colors, nice to get one for less than a couple bucks.

I found quite a few Ronnie Lott cards in this purchase as well including these 4 thick, premium cards.  I really enjoy the USC National Treasures card.  My favorite unis for Lott, in order, are USC Trojans, 49ers, Raiders then a distant 4th to the Jets cards.

Tons of Niners love in this scan.  These are all recent releases and I was able to pick them up for relatively reasonable prices.  My Ronnie purchases have seem to come in spurts lately, maybe once or twice a year picking up groups like this to fill in gaps.  I am glad he continues to be included in new releases.

My final group of cards comes from a release Upper Deck did a couple years back for the University of Kansas - now the closest University to where I live.  That reminds me that I need to check at my LCS to see if they can fill some gaps.

I don't know if I have ever shared anything with respect to my Scot Pollard collection.  When he played on the Sacramento Kings, Pollard was one of my favorites.  He is a personable guy, pretty crazy, a great interview and would get into the game and bang.  I have a Kings jersey of his (not a real one) somewhere I need to dig out.  My collection of his is fairly robust, there are only a few low print run and elusive cards from his career I have yet to track down.  It was cool to see some new cards of Pollard's pop up and I need to keep my eyes open for more.

Three more posts to go to share my COMC February goods...

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  1. After I got three or four of the free shipping wins from the scratchers, my mail days were much more frequent!