Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trade Post - Wes Moore

Time to share some goods from one of the best bloggers around.  I have gotten too many packages from Wes of WILLINGHAMMER RISING to count and have quite a few scans saved up.  Since it looks like Wes has his blog up to date on trade posts, time for me to get at least up to date with all the good stuff he has sent my way.

First up are a nice group of Willie Macs.  I had a heck of a time tracking down 2 of those Triple Play cards, one for my set and one for the McCovey binder.  This one slipped right into the Giants binder.

A nice eclectic group of Giants, the Beam Team cards and Gypsy Queen inserts being my favs.

I am not sure why the serial numbered Vernon Davis mini was grouped with the 2 minor league cards.  I am loving the Royce Clayton minor league card.  Vernon is a puzzle to me, he went from being great to being terrible almost overnight - almost like my 49ers.

Speaking of 49ers, Wes is usually good for some 49er goodness in his packages.  Outside of my vintage 49er quests I don't have any collecting goals for 49ers but I always set aside current 49ers like these knowing that some day I will put some focus on that collection.

Wes has had some creative ways to personalize his packages.  My favorite was the Hamburglar trading card but this marked up Gary Redus card was cool as well.

I was excited to get this Andre Carter relic.  I was super excited when the Niners drafted Carter after watching him tear up the Pac 10 at Cal including some good efforts against my USC Trojans.

The Steve Young card is pretty sweet but the Patrick Willis cards are the star of this show.  I am still saddened by Willis' abrupt retirement.  He played an April Fools joke last 4/1 about coming back and I bought into it, hook, line and sinker.  Probably wishful thinking.

Here is a random group of Giants including a sweet Kung Fu Panda World Series manurelic.

Speaking of manurelics, this pair of 49er ones were a great surprise.  I hadn't seen any of these before and really like them.  The camo theme is awesome.

Wes is someone who really watches what you collect and finds things that fit well into your collection.  This Peja relic is a great example.

Another cool eclectic group of Giants, the Chrome Duffy is sweet.  I would bet Kirk Manwaring could win an award for best action photos and the bottom right card is a nice example.

Finally a group of 4 cards I claimed in one of Wes' contests he has run.  I think this was a Christmas promotion but as I age the memory starts to fade.

This is a really nice looking insert with tons of shine and the best player in baseball history - I was super happy to grab it.

A Dodger you ask, but why?  Well it is a nice vintage card from a set I have contemplated chasing one day.  I figured what the heck and jumped at it.

I was happy to see this Artist's Proof of USC Trojan alum Marcus Allen.  This is now one of 530 different cards I have of the Heisman Trophy winner and Hall of Famer.

Finally a Museum parallel of Mr. October.  I have a nice Reggie collection of almost 600 cards and needed this one.  I really enjoy seeing Jackson in the old Oakland uniforms.

Thanks Wes for your generosity, I have referred to you in the past as the most generous blogger and this is further evidence.  You are the best!

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