Saturday, February 3, 2018

Two New HOF Autos

One of the goals I set for the 2018 collection season was to bump my total of Baseball HOF auto to 100 different players.  I started the year at 94 meaning I just need to add 1 card every other month to meet this goal.  I am starting quickly out of the gate by adding 2 new HOFers to my collection in January.

First up is this really nice looking auto of John Smoltz from 2016 Topps Legacies.  Smoltz has signed quite a bit over the last few years so his autos are fairly plentiful.  I wanted to find one that I like from a design standpoint and a good price point and this one fit the bill.  I think this is a great looking card and a great add o the collection.

The second add is another fairly recent inducted, former White Sox, A's and Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa.  Originally I wasn't sure about whether to collect managers as part of this collection.  Fairly early on I won a Dick Williams auto in a contest and decided that the managers were on.  This is a nice, shiny card with an on-card auto, probably my favorite LaRussa auto I have come across.  I really miss the Panini Cooperstown sets, I am hoping they will bring it back one day.

The total is up to 96 now, my 100 goal seems in reach although there aren't a lot of inexpensive guys left to track down.


  1. Nice pick-ups for your collection.

    One of my friends met La Russa once years ago, and had nothing but nice things to say about him.

  2. Congratulations on these two additions! That 2016 Legacies card of Smoltz is awesome! I've picked up a few autograph singles from this set, because they're on card, affordable, and have a solid design. As for La Russa, I'd love to see Topps add him to a future Archives Fan Favorites autograph checklist. He was featured in the 2005 set, but people want way too much for that card.