Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fight On! - Some new additions to my USC collection - Rodney Peete

One of my goals in 2013 was to add to my collection of USC Trojan football cards.  I collect all cards of former USC Trojans and have amassed quite a collection. I actually started my Trojan collection before diving into my SF Giants collection and have over 11,000 different Trojan cards.

Upper Deck's license using the college football uniform has produced some great cards for me to chase after. While I do collect cards of the players in the NFL uniforms, there is nothing finer than capturing cards of the players in their Cardinal and Gold.

Tonight I though I would share some recent pick ups of Rodney Peete the former Trojan, Lion, Cowboy, Eagle, Redskin, Raider and Panther QB.  Peete was quite an accomplished college QB finishing 2nd to Barry Sanders in the Heisman Trophy voting and winning the Johnny Unitas award during his senior year.  He was also a star baseball player at USC and was drafted 3 times during his college baseball career.  He was a Trojan prior to my attendance at the school (he left the year prior to me starting there) but is one of the first Trojans I remember when I started following their games closely knowing I was attending the school.  He wasn't able to carry his stardom over into his pro career but did have some solid stretches and had a nice 15 year career.

I have 10 new cards (actually 8 cards and 2 coins) and all but the 2 coins were released in the last couple of years and feature Rodney in his USC uniform.

 This is a nice trio of base cards with my favorite being the Ultra design.  It has a pretty solid front but the back is amazing:

Isn't it pretty?  I love the featuring of 2 different uniforms and the LA Coliseum in the background, such a great retro design and I am glad they brought it back.

Here are the two aforementioned coins from the 1997 Playoff release, the are color variations.  The Exquisite card is super thick and numbered to 85.  Other than having the same picture as the SPx card above, I am a pretty big fan.

In addition to these cards, I have been able to pick up 4 autos of Rodney Peete recently:

I have always been a fan of the Autographics cards and was happy that Rodney appears in 3 different designs. I wish they weren't sticker autos but I can live with that.

The final auto card is an SP retro card, I thought I had picked up the non-Auto version of this card as well but I can't find it on my desk to scan and it isn't marked off on the checklist so maybe not.

Overall Rodney Peete has 421 different cards listed in Beckett.  Until these recent releases in 2012 and 2013, his newest cards were from 2003 so it was pretty cool to find some new ones.  Of those 421 I have 298 different cards, not bad with an overall 70.8% of his total cards.  I will probably be on the lookout for more of his cards to see if I can push it to 75 or 80%.  Players who played there in the mid to late 80s and early 90s are my favorite Trojans to collect.

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