Sunday, September 22, 2013

I am Finally Back!

It has been over 2 months since I made a post and for those that remember it started with a job change and a move.  I will spare you the intimate details but in addition to the normal disruptions caused by a move I had a few other hurdles to overcome - the people we bought the house from left it a bunch of stuff behind that totally threw off our move in schedule, we still don't have all our boxes unpacked, my new job is much more time demanding than I suspected and going from 2 kids to 3 kids as we did last December has made the home life crazy!

As Night Owl pointed out earlier today, one of the dreams many of us have in moving into a new house is finding a treasure trove of sports cards hidden in the attic.  When I found out the people moving out of our new house had 8 grown children who had all moved out, including 4 boys, coupled with all the boxes of stuff they left behind my excitement level was quite high.  The day we were moving in I met our new next door neighbor (a fireman and great guy by the way) and was talking about all the contents the prior owners left behind.  He mentioned that the owner allowed him to take some things prior to her move and happened to mention that he got a box of cards with the stuff he took.  My heart quietly sank. He said he gave them to a friend who used to collect who mentioned most of them were overproduced and not worth much.  I still would have loved going through them.

A few days later we were putting some holiday decorations up in our new attic and I discovered a gem!  Appears they didn't give away all the cards for the kids' collection.  Look what I found:
This great 1978 Topps Claudell Washington is going to be displayed in a prominent place in my new room.  The best feature in my new house is that I have my own room for my sports collection.  I have my leather recliner and a big screen TV as well and I will definitely find a spot for this new card.

I look forward to getting back into blogging and I have quite a bit that I want to show and share.  I have made some nice additions to some player collections, picked up quite a few vintage stars and HOFers from my new LCS, and of course lots and lots of Giants.  The thing I have missed the most is the trading.  I have a few trades from before my move that I still need to share and have gotten a few housewarming packages from fellow bloggers since the move.  I also just recently made a trip to Cooperstown and have a few things to share from that trip.

I think my want lists are pretty much up to date and I have a lot of work to do on my 2013 sets and 2013 Giants so let me know if you want to trade.


  1. An attic find! That's enough to make me re-check my attic for the 100th time.

    I live only 3 hours from Cooperstown. Should've said howdy!

  2. You have a house with an attic. I envy you already. Welcome back.

  3. Wait, what? Claudell Washington was the only one you found in the attic? Just Claudell?

    Anywho, welcome back!

  4. Happy to have you back and glad the move is (almost) completed! Hope all the Dodger coverage isn't getting you down....