Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trade Post - Home of the Toddfather

I have been missing blogging and sharing my collection over the past few weeks.  Have some free time today in the daylight hours (which doesn't happen much with 3 rugrats running around) so I have sneaked off to my man cave to see if I could knock out a few posts.

While I do have some older trades I should blog about, I am feeling more like touching on a newer one, I can catch up later.  Not too long ago, Tim from the Home of the Toddfather reached out to see if I was interested in working out a deal for a card before he eBay or Sportslotted it.  I quickly jumped at the opportunity and for $5 and a few random Rockies I scored this:

You might think wow a Tim Lincecum Ginter mini.  This guy can't even get into the 4th inning right now and you could probably score this card for 50 cents somewhere.  However when you flip it over...

  Check out the back, an A&G backed carded hand numbered 17/25!  A sweet card for my Giants collection.  My goal this year is to complete the regular minis (minus the extended) the A&G non serial numbered backs and the black border then get 1 each of the others.  Ideally the 1 each would be of Willie McCovey but I suspect I won't be able to track down one at a decent price.  I have a nice Sportlots order coming in that is propelling me to the complete team set goal and this card is a huge addition for the remainder of the goal.

Tim was also cool enough to toss in these 6 extras:

The 3 across the top are new to my collection and the bottom 3 already have a home in my son's collection.  He was excited because he knew of all 3 players.

Tim, thanks for thinking of me and giving me the chance to add this great card to my collection!

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