Friday, September 11, 2015

Just For The "F" Of It #3

I have decided to start a series of posts featuring some of the cards that hold a special place in my collection despite not fitting into a specific collecting category and I call them cards I have Just For The "F" Of It (as in fun).

Today's card goes way back to 1994 when serial numbered cards were just finding a niche in the market and a card numbered 4295/7750 was considered rare:

This is a card of former star Fullback for the Florida State Seminoles, San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers, William Floyd.  Floyd had a 7 year career and barely rushed for over 1000 yards for his entire career but he was a fan favorite and one of my favorite all time 49ers.  His brash attitude and toughness is what attracted fans to him.  During an interview he indicated he was the best fullback in football "Bar None".  Bar None quickly became his nickname, how cool is that.

Adding an autograph of a player I recall so fondly was a no brainer at a dollar or two.  I think he has an auto card or two in a 49er uniform that may be worth tracking down.

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  1. I remember the Floyd days in the Bay Area. Saw a Floyd signed mini helmet (49ers) at the flea market recently and was going to pick it up and give it to one of my co-workers, but the guy wanted $30. That price seemed a little steep for an uncertified autograph.