Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trade Post - Sportscards From The Dollar Store

Once again I got a little behind on some trade posts.  The good news (if you can all it that) is that I haven't made too many trades or gotten too many packages so it won't take long to remedy being behind.

Time to share some great cards from my friend from the neighboring North, Douglas of Sportscards From The Dollar Store.  This isn't the first time we have exchanged cardboard and I always appreciate that he can make up for that dreaded USPS cost to ship to Canada by including some great cards in his packages.  This trade started off with me seeing a couple cards from a Gypsy Queen break, shooting Douglas a note and a trade with much more cards being completed.

In addition to the Gyspy Queen cards, this package hit on both of my USC collections. Here are some of the highlights:

I recently updated my USC checklist but outside of a few base LCS pick ups, I haven't done much to enhance my Trojan football collection.  This group of cards filled in some nice wholes in my checklist with some fairly recent releases.  The Reggie Bush card reminds me of how hot he was and how everyone wanted to pull his cards back in 2006.  Might be a good time for me to bargain hunt and fill in some gaps from early in his career as I am guessing prices are quite a bit lower.  I am hopeful that Reggie can add something to the 49er offense to help them do better than the 4-6 win projections I have seen.

 Here are 5 more USC football cards, all of Green Bay LB Clay Matthews.  The top 4 are all different variations with the same photo while the bottom card shows Clay doing what he does best - hitting the QB.  I am a big Matthews fan despite my distaste for the Packers.  However this year I have them in my 3 team fantasy game so I will be cheering for them.

While it is a lesser collection with the cards all fitting in a 300 count box (as opposed to the 4 3000-count boxes with base/inserts and the 3 large top loader boxes with hit for USC Football), I still like picking up some USC basketball players.  This package, and this scan, show some of the more recent stars that came out of USC to play in the NBA.  A buddy I work with knows DeMar DeRozen really well but if I was going to go after a player collection in addition to my Harold Miner collection, I think it would be Taj Gibson.  I like his toughness and how hard he plays.

 There were of course some Giants in this trade package, here are some of my favs.  I had intended on picking up the Panda October Heroes cards a bunch of times and kept forgetting to seal the deal so that was a great pickup.  I also wasn't real diligent on my minor league release checklists so these knocked some cards off and inspired me to update the checklist.

 And here aer the 2 cards that started it all from 2015 Gypsy Queen.  Gary Brown is all over Topps releases this year even though he was released prior to the start of the season by the Giants but I still go after his cards - I collect all Giants.  The Mays Bronze Framed card is a thing of beauty.

Another great trade, thanks for the great assortment of cards and hitting on so many parts of my collection Douglas!

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