Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Immaculate Collection

Those that occasionally peruse my blog probably recognize that I don't shy away from the unlicensed stuff. Of course I would love Panini to have a license to include hats and uniforms with team names and logos but I have learned to accept it.  Panini does a great job with the design of their cards and an even better job on including some great players from the past in their releases, whether former HOFers or other greats that might be left off due to an asterisk. 

I was able to score this great looking card of The Greatest Hitter of all time, Barry Bonds:

You don't agree that he is the Greatest, just look at the right side of the card.  See there is proof, Panini wouldn't make that up.  I really like that Barry is back in some recent releases.  I have quite a few of his relic cards, including a couple more that are on the way, but it is always nice to add another.  I still need to pick up an autograph of his as that is a glaring gap in my collection.

I try to collect any and all base cards so I also tracked down the 3 Giants base cards.  There is a 100 card base set and I would have thought the Giants would have been a little better represented but if you are going to limit it to 3 current players, they got it right.  These are all numbered to 99.

There are also 59 more cards numbered as if they are base cards but they are relic cards numbered to 49.  Former Giant Gary Brown is featured in this portion as a Giant so I may pick that up.  Otherwise my Immaculate Collection is probably complete for the year unless a nice patch or relic drops into my lap at a good price.

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