Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1973 Topps Set Quest - 2 Down/2 To Go

I am inching every closer to the completion of my 1973 Topps set.  These last few cards have been tough to track down, the higher numbers are just not plentiful on line.  Early last week I decided to search for 3 of the cards (I am resigned to the fact that the Schmidt rookie will be last) and found out that finding unmarked checklists at reasonable prices is tough.  I was able to track down 2 of the 3 cards and here they are:

Woo hoo, a checklist.  There are some exciting names on this card including my favorite, Willie McCovey, along with fellow HOFers Gaylord Perry and Joe Torre.  Another player I collect, Vida Blue is on here with some other stars like George Foster and Bobby Grich.  This one set me back $8.25 shipped on a Buy It Now and was a bargain compared to some others I saw.

The other card I scored was this Red Sox team card, another tough one to locate. Condition, particularly centering isn't ideal on this but I am not putting together a mint set.  In fact quite a few of the cards in the original lot I picked up as a starter are far from mint and may someday need an upgrade.  The card was a Buy It Now at $5.49 shipped, by far the best deal I could find on eBay.

One more checklist to go, then my epic quest for a Schmidt rookie. I will not overpay and will make sure I get a good, below market price.  I think my 8 months of patience on a 1966 Gaylord Perry are evidence of my ability to take my time.  I just hope I can do it prior to year end.

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