Friday, June 20, 2014

Trade Post - Baseball Dad

I got a nice package recently from everyone's favorite Baseball Dad, author of the All Tribe Baseball
blog.  We have exchanged quite a few packages over the past couple of years and he always includes some great cards.  Have a look...

First up are a couple of 2014 cards that I needed.  I just recently finished updating and reorganizing my 2014 Giants Want List page - give it a look and let's make some trades.  I am hoping the redesign makes it easier to see what I need.  I also scored this Cracker Jack card of the All Time HR King - for some strange reason I have issues with breaking cards like this out their packaging.  With my love of ripping packs that seems counter intuitive.  Another item to add to the list of things to discuss with my therapist (once I finally decide to take the plunge and get one).

Here are some other cool Giants cards that came from Baseball Dad.  I love the old cards from the Fleer box sets like the Hackman, Jeffrey Leonard.  Not sure why I picked the Renteria to show but I do know that I never opened a pack of Ticket to Stardom. Will the Thrill is sporting an amazing mustache!  The Bonds Metal card is trippy, don't stare too long.  A nice Timmy Lincecum for the minor league binder and a Bonds/Mays card to finish off this page - that is over 1400 HRs on one card.

I also received this nice Giants All-Star relic of potential HOFer Omar Vizquel.  It will be interested to see how the voters treat him, his stats are solid and his defense was stellar.

The stars of this package were the 3 oversized cards.  Here are the first two.  The Master Photo from Stadium Club was a redemption and now that I have the right pages to store it in my binder it is a wonderful addition.  The Scott Garrelts brings back memories, I recall getting quite a few of these back in the 80s but have no idea what happened to them.  Garrelts is the only Giant so knock another team set of the want list!

And as usual, I will close with my favorite card, a nice big Fathead Tradeable of Tim Lincecum.  The design on this is great and I am very happy to have it in my collection.

Jack, thanks for the great trade package!!!

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