Sunday, June 22, 2014

Trade Post - Old Foul Cardboard

You will hopefully be seeing a few trade posts in the coming days. I am a little behind and need to thank all the great traders in the blogosphere.  This trade was done back after the release of 2014 Topps Series 1 with Chris of Old Foul Cardboard.  He hasn't posted in a couple months but looking through his past posts, it appears that he posted what I sent him about 3 months ago - oops!  Better late than never.

First up were a pair of 1989 mini inserts that helped me collect the set.  I did get Series 1 finished off before Series 2 was released. I have a nice big want list that I will hopefully get finished before Update comes out.

I also scored these great Giants inserts and parallels in the trade.  I am a big fan of the Yellow parallels for some reason.  This is one of only two I have been able to pick up so it was a very happy addition. I usually pick up most of the Walmart set but this is only 1 of 3 I have right now, need to get to work on that.  I just picked up the final Series 1 Power Players cards to finish off that sub set.  The Zito was the only Giant in the Super Veteran insert set. There is a relic version of the card numbered to 25 that I would love to pick up.

Chris, thanks for the trade, sorry it took a while to show my appreciation!

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