Saturday, August 20, 2016

Just For the "F" of It #7

My collection of Just For the "F" of it cards continues to grow but I have gotten behind on my posts.  I have taken more of a liking to buying singles or sets as opposed to breaking wax which has made my budget go further with cool singles that I collect just for the "F"un of it.

For long time followers, you may remember that my second JFTFOI was an autograph card of a famous competitive eater.  While I am still a Joey Chestnut fan, my newest favorite competitive eater is Matt Stonie.  I was pretty excited when I was watching some Youtube breaks and saw Stonie included in the 2016 Leaf Sports Heroes sets so I waited patiently on eBay for a low price and added this to my collection:

The reason Stonie has risen to the top of my competitive eaters list are his entertaining youtube videos.  My sons and I enjoy watching his videos together with some favorites being his hard boiled eggs challenge, his Cinnamon Toast Crunch challenge and the Burritozilla conquest. Check them out.


  1. hard boiled eggs, nobody beats cool hand Luke.

  2. Both Joey and Matt are hometown faves. Guess San Jose knows how to breed competitive eaters.