Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Only 2016 Topps Chrome Pack Purchases

I really haven't had that huge itch to bust packs, at least packs of new releases.  I shared my National Baseball Day card purchases a few days back which included 2 packs of 2016 Topps Chrome.  I was at Target a couple days ago and 3 hangers of Chrome were staring me in the eye and I had to pick them up.  It was fun but in the end I was bummed I spent $30 on these when I could have picked up some Giants needs or vintage set needs (or heck maybe even a T206 card - a little foreshadowing) for that price or less.

I have a lot of catching up to on the blog but want to mix in some of my newer stuff as well so I figured why not show off the goods:

Hanger 1
 2 Dodgers, 2 Blue Jays, 2 Mets and Zero Giants... Bummer.
 I have to say the inserts look pretty darn nice.  I like the stained glass look of the Future Stars and the Perspectives cards look amazing in Chrome.  I think I may try to put together the insert set of Perspective cards.

The reason the hangers call out to me is the 5-pack of pink parallels.  A few good players but no Giants.

Hanger 2
2 Cubs, 2 Rangers, Zero Giants... Bummer
 Some more awesome looking inserts and a refractor of one of the more over-hyped players this year.

 Some more solid players of the Pink variety but still nothing of the good guys in Orange and Black.

Hanger 3
 Yeah!  My final hanger produces my one and only Giant!
 Double the pleasure with 2 Perspectives cards in this hanger and speaking of pleasure, Nina Agdal is not hard on the eyes at all.
 More pink card and again no Giants. I was hoping for at least one but as a consolation prize, the last hanger spit out this:
Not my favorite player but an nice looking on card auto /25 from a hanger.  A pretty awesome hit and most likely the end of my Chrome pack purchases for the year.

Outside of the Samardzija and the Perspectives cards these are all up for trade.  If you see something you want, drop me a note.


  1. Dodgers please. I bought a couple packs of chrome and didn't get any giants which for me was ok.

    1. The Dodgers will be set aside for you. Can you shoot me your address, i have it somewhere but I am totally disorganized right now.

  2. I'd be interested in the Mauer pink and any Rangers. I'll pick up a few and see if I can get you a pink Giant.

    1. Great, those are yours. Going to my first Royals game as a Kansan tonight. Hope to see Mauer in action.

  3. I'll take the Wright and the Jeurys (I may have some cards to return to you as well).

  4. If those Mookie Betts parallels are available, I'd love to send you some Giants for them.

  5. Great break!

    If you're trading the Betances base and Springer pink I'd love a shot at them.

  6. The Soler Future Stars card is pretty sweet looking. I'm in for that unless I'm too late to the party!

  7. That auto is pretty nice! Grandal's been hitting the ball really well over the last month or so.

  8. I've got 4 Perspectives for you: Braun, Adrian Gonzalez, Cano, Buxton. Interested in the Pink Phillips, Blue Park, Pink Donaldson. I've gotta check what I have for Cubs, but may be interested in one of them as well.

  9. Way late to the party, but if you have the Agdal and any pinks left, I can use them.