Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My April T206 Addition - HOFer Rube Marquard

One of the goals I set earlier in the year involved adding some New York Giants T206 cards to my collection. My goal was to attempt to add one per month for the year to add to my small collection.  I had previously shared January, February and March pick ups and while I am a little behind in my goal, I still have a nice card from April to share.

I was able to pick up my first T206 Hall of Famer, Giants pitcher Rube Marquard:
While this card is graded a Poor 1, I picked it up because it fit right into what I am looking for in my T206 cards.  I want them to display well and this one does just that.  The creases you can see in the scan do little to detract from the card and they are actually less visible to the naked eye.  I am so excited to have this Rube card in my collection as I am thinking the Mathewson and McGraw cards just are too far out of my price range right now - this can be my HOF representative.

The back of the card gives some evidence to the poor rating with much more visible creases and some sort of ink symbols on near the top.  Now that this card is posted and logged, it is time to do some bargain shopping for my T206 cards.  I am still shocked that after feeling even one of these was out of reach a year or two ago, I now have 9 in my collection!


  1. NICE! I remember when I got my first (and only) T206 hall of famer. It's so cool isn't it?