Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Black Friday Box Break

I did some online shopping over the Black Friday weekend, picking up 6 boxes of cards from Dave and Adams along with a bunch of singles from COMC.  I was a little disappointed to see my COMC order which consists of a few hundred cards bought on Black Friday and over the last few months wasn't scheduled to ship until the middle of December.  I am hoping to get it before Christmas.

I did also stop by my LCS that weekend and picked up a couple vintage singles for my 1972 set which I will share at a later date and a box of 2016 Topps High Tek.

I have seen a ton of the broken on Youtube and it is a totally hit or miss product.  I had the itch to crack something and it isn't too high of a price point so I figured what the heck.

Here are some of the base and parallels I pulled.  I believe the Greinke is the most common design, I am trying to find a site that gives good odds on the different backgrounds.  The Trout has a similar design to the Greinke but also has some sparkly spirals in the background.  I am hoping this means it is a super rare parallel but without it being numbered I doubt it.

I got one numbered parallel, this green Curt Schilling.

I was very happy to pull 2 different versions of Madison Bumgarner's card.  These are my first Giants Tek cards this year.  I believe the one on the left is considered the base version.  

Finally my one auto from the box, a rookie auto of Astros rookie Tyler White.  See how a couple of these have sold for a buck plus shipping on eBay you can see I was much closer to the miss side of the ledger versus the hit side when it comes to value.

Regardless, it was a fun break, got a couple Giants cards and satisfied my itch until the Black Friday stuff arrives.


  1. I'm glad Topps brought back Tek in 2014... although I kinda wish they'd rotate this product with a few of their other classics like Topps Gallery and Gold Label... instead of flooding the market with as many cards as they can produce.

  2. Jealous of the Schilling, nice box.

  3. My black Friday (actually on Sunday) order from COMC arrived today - it was originally scheduled to be mailed maybe I'm ahead! Hope yours beats their original promise!