Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sketch Card Contest Winnings - The Shining

I am a huge Stephen King fan, I have all of his books (and there are a ton) and have read almost all of them - just a couple to go.  When Corky over at Pack War had a contest for some of his sketch cards back in late October/early November I saw a lot of cards I really liked but was immediately drawn to his sketch of Jack Torrance of The Shining fame.  Jack was fresh in my mind as I had just finished up Doctor Sleep a few months before which is a book featuring Jack's son Dan.  I quickly entered the contest and hoped to score the Torrance card.

There was a surprising low turnout for the contest with only 7 entries and I believe 8 sketch cards so everyone was a winner.  After some randoming, I ended up right in the middle at #4.  Lucky for me, Freddy Krueger, The Invisible Man and Jason Voorhees went in the 3 picks and my #1 pick was there for the taking.  Check it out.

Super cool and a great, unique addition to my collection.  Thanks Corky!

As I was prepping this post, I realized I had won another contest over at Pack Wars - I am so miserably behind in my trade, contest and gift posts.  I figured I would also share the cool stuff I received in the last contest as well.

As I recall, the contest was to get one of a variety of items and I selected this Sammy Sosa collector's tin with a card and the ability to turn it into a display.  I have a couple others of these in my collection as I scored the Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire in a group break.  The Sammy looks very cool.  I wonder if what looks to be some softening by the HOF voters towards some of the suspected steroid users will every get Sammy into the HOF. Personally I doubt it but you never know.

Also included were some misc. Giants cards and some very cool ones at that.
 The Bonds is a Leaf Limited gold parallel and the Hubbell helped me complete that team set.  Also included were a Freak rookie, a couple of nice looking Poseys and a Kevin Mitchell siting.
 These 3 also found nice spots in my collection.  Back when 2012 Panini Cooperstown was released the middle woodlike card was a replacement in each box for what was supposed to be a different kind of hit. It ended up dropping the box cost of cards which helped me complete the set.  Those 2012 and 2013 Panini Cooperstown releases are some of my favorite of the decade.

Finally, a fairly rare siting here on the blog, basketball cards.  I do have a few player collections of hoops cards and Corky was able to knock these 3 off the want list.

Corky, sorry for the delay in finally posting these great cards you sent my way.  Your creativity and skill on your customs is something I envy and your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Loved that 97 Topps Screenplays technology ever on a card. Just got the Gallaraga from the set (still need Griffey) in my recent BF shipment from COMC!