Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Black Friday COMC Shipment

COMC has surpassed eBay and Sportlots as my favorite buying site.  The front and back photos of every card, the ability to make offers on cards and the fact that the cards are already in hand at COMC are all pluses.  No surprises on what cards you get and no worry about dishonest sellers take the worry out of internet buying.  Also the site has some great search functions and is pretty easy to navigate.

Starting earlier this year, I have been putting a decent portion of my monthly card budget into my COMC account and picking up new cards for my collection.  I have waited patiently until Black Friday to have the cards shipped, who doesn't love free shipping?

This year's haul arrived a little over 2 weeks after Black Friday and was 433 cards strong.

This is what the box looked like when I cracked it open:

I moved the Dave Winfield disc aside and opened up the boxes.  Here is what was staring me in the face:

I dug into the bigger box and pulled out all the scratchers.  These were give aways with Black Friday shipping. I had 41 or 42 total with this shipment and after scratching them all and putting in the codes I ended up with 7 winners.  There was no store credit however, only free shipping and the free shipping ends on 3/31/17.  I will probably only place one order between now and then so I guess I got 6 winners that will never be used. Last year I scored a few with store credit.  I don't know if they have gotten more stingy or if I just didn't have the same luck this year.

I thought I would pull out the first card and give you a sneak peak.  Hmmm, is that a T206 card from COMC?

I am pretty excited to show off what I received, the cards hit on most of my collection focus areas.  It might end up boring everyone to death or turning people away but over the next couple weeks my plan is to show off all 433 items.  Sound like fun?


  1. Strange. I got 6 of them with mine, got 3 of them winners that were all $5 credit.

  2. Sounds like a blast. I can't even imagine getting 400+ cards that all fit into my collection. Man, you are going to have a ton of fun!

  3. Sounds like a fun haul. I need to add more $$ to my COMC. I also need to purchase the cards I have on my watch list so they can be moved to "ready to ship" and spend a few months there instead of years on my watch list. I did make a purchase about 1.5 maybe 2 months ago. Mine was only 23 or 24 cards not 400+

  4. It's taken me a while to go through the 140 cards in my COMC order. I can't imagine 433!

  5. Wow.... 41/42 scratchers? I must have been doing something wrong. Can't wait to see your haul.

  6. I skipped Black Friday this year and immediately regretted it.

  7. Sounds like you have a good contest prize if you can't trade the free shipping cards for something better...

  8. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the order!