Wednesday, August 16, 2017

COMC Delivers Some Giants and Trojans

Next up from my April COMC order are a few Giants and a nice grouping of USC Trojans - right in time for college football season.

The Giants are not very well represented in this order.  It is a little surprising as I bought most of these cards during Spring Training when my hopes were high for the team.  Well that has changed a bit but on to sunnier topics.

How about a pair of cards from the Home Run King!  I think I did a search for Bonds cards starting with the lowest priced and found this Electric Diamond parallel.  The SI for Kids was a search after I saw one for sale for a crazy price.  I knew I didn't have it, hopped on COMC and brought it home for under a buck.

The only other Giants from this order are this trio of Donruss Signature Series base cards.  These were released in Donruss' 2001 comeback year.  Each of them is numbered to 800 and this finished off my team set of 6.  There is also an auto of Pedro Feliz /330 that is numbered as part of the base set but I never consider the autos part of the team set.  My collection - my rules.

Now into a great batch of card from my USC Trojans:

Back in 2015 Panini put out cards for a few select college program, USC was included.  They were available in blaster boxes at a couple of retailers on line.  I bought a couple boxes and really liked the set. It was heavily football dominated but had a few basketball and baseball cards as well.  I had 2 disappointments - 1) the set didn't include hoops player and my former neighbor Harold Miner and 2) the two blasters didn't give me a complete set.  I searched everywhere for single and could only find a select few on COMC.  After a few months I picked up another blaster and still came up 5 cards short (with a huge stack of dups).  Luckily someone else must have bought a blaster or two and sent them into COMC as they came available and I swooped them up to finish off my set.

I picked up one of these football helmet, shiny die-cut cards and loved it.  The stock is nice and thick, the players are wearing their USC unis, the helmets look great - almost perfect cards.  I went it and got these 3 additional cards as well.  I also did a search from some cheap autos and picked up the two Tre Maddens - I don't limit myself to Trojan cards in their college unis but usually prefer them.

Finally I went on a Charles White, former Heisman Trophy winner, shopping spree.  Charles has had quite a few release in the past several years and I hadn't kept up.  It is hard for me to choose my favorite from this group of 9 inserts and parallels but I would probably go with the All-Americans insert in the middle.  Two pics, one without a helmet, to go with the US Flag background speaks to the patriot in me.

The final CW cards are these two autos.  The Rose Bowl card is cool but the UD Black is the star of this package.  It is just a beautiful card with a perfect silver signature - makes you miss Upper Deck doesn't it?

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  1. My uncle is a huge USC fan, so I watched the Trojans play whenever we went down to Southern California to visit them. Saw White play a few times back in the day.