Saturday, August 12, 2017

Set Help from COMC

Lots of catching up to do.  I have been spending more of my budget on COMC lately and here is the first of 3 parts of a shipment I had delivered in early April.  I find that more and more I can get a better deal at COMC vs. Sportlots due primarily to shipping costs.  Each seller on Sportlots is entitled to shipping but for one flat fee you can get all you cards delivered.  Even lower end inserts can typically be found on COMC for a better rate.

First up are the final cards I needed to finish off what I call a Master set of 2000 Upper Deck Hitters Club.  I have featured some of the cards in past posts.  I bought a hobby box 3-4 years back from my LCS in Orange County CA and decided to go after the base and all the insert sets.  As the title of the set references, this one is all about hitters.  I was very happy to finish this set off and enjoy flipping through it with the great designs of both the base and insert sets.  This one is probably headed into a binder one day.

The next 2 scans show cards towards my quest to finish off 2 of the 40 card insert sets from 2014 Panini Hall of Fame.  I cracked 3-4 boxes of this stuff (2 HOF autos/box) and fell in love with these 2 insert sets.  Great photos, great player selection and for some unknown reason I dig the shiny design with the old time players.  I am now with 7 Dominator cards and 8 Elite Series cards from finishing these sets.

Similar to the 2000 UD Hitters Club set, my 1998 Metal set started with an LCS hobby box.  This set needed quite a few more base cards but I was able to put that set to rest earlier this year.  I also decided to complete the 2 insert sets.  The cards with the globe in the background are an interesting die cut design on a unique type of paper while the Diamond Heros incorporate a players picture with some awesome artwork.  Both solid insert sets.

The final 3 cards are somewhat random. The Cash card features a great bat barrel photo and a nice rookie cup, it went towards my 1971 Topps set that is now complete.  The Morris is an SP from the Hometown Heroes set - I don't know if that set will ever get finished.  The SPs are hard to track down and cost way too much.  Finally a base card of Kris Bryant from 2016 Diamond Kings.  It was the last card needed to finish off that set.

I have done some pretty solid work on the sets in 2017.  The other 2 posts from this COMC purchase will feature cards for my Player Collections and cards from a couple of my favorite teams - the Giants and Trojans.

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