Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Groovy Giants Gain

Recently I was surfing through the auctions on Sportlots and ran across this card:

 I was mesmerized by this card and immediately had to have it.  I ended up scoring it from $3.25 delivered.  I had never seen a card from this insert set and had only seen a McCovey base card and a McCovey relic from a different set prior to seeing this card.  My parents grew up in the hippie era and had quite a few music/concert posters featuring Woodstock era music acts (Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, etc.) and this brought me right back to our home study where the posters hung during my youth. The font is spot on and the teardrop yellow shape featuring the Giants logo and the pink/purple swirl showcasing that it is an authentic game-used bat are perfect as well.

 Let's check out the back and see if the motif continues:
Not too bad Topps.  The Woodstock border in spot on font continues around the back. I really like the font spelling out Orlando's name and the Giants team name.  The description is pretty cool, this is a Woodstock Memorabilia from 2001 Baby Boomers Baseball.

Interestingly enough, this 2001 American Pie set was not on my want list.  I created my list using and they don't list any of the players in this set by team.  I am surprised that I haven't even scored a base card from this set in a trade.  That is usually how I discover checklist gaps.  I did some research and think that all the base and inserts are now on my list.  There is also a Willie Mays version in this relic set, I borrowed this image from eBay:
A pretty awesome card, I may need to try and track one of these down as well although I don't see myself paying the $30 that this would cost.

In an odd way I got really excited to find some cards to add to my checklist and want list, especially a card that looks so cool to me.  Sometimes it is the little things in life that put a smile on your face.


  1. Very cool! I don't think I've ever seen cards from that set either.

  2. Wow, those are truly a couple of "groovy" cards indeed.

  3. I agree. I'll bet they look even better if you're high. Not that I would know. Seriously.