Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Feelings About the Panda

I am heading out very early tomorrow morning for work trip that won't bring me home until Friday. I don't have much in the way of posts planned but I did upload some scans in case I have some time free in the evenings to write some posts.
I don't believe I have shared my thoughts about Pablo Sandoval's departure from the Giants and I am certain I haven't commented on his recent comments blasting most of him teammates and the organization.  I thought it would be good to clean out my scanned folder and share some thoughts from this diehard Giants fan.

2014 Topps Trajectory Relic
As the story goes Pablo passed up the same or more money from the Giants to move to the Red Sox in free agency.  At the time Pablo was gracious and said he just wanted a fresh start.  My feelings at that point were a combination of sadness and relief.  I was sad to see him go, he was a fan favorite, my kids love him and he was a hero of the past two World Series victories.  I was relieved because I feel the money he was given was too much, the length of the contract too long and was worried the long term contract would result in him gaining weight and being ineffective.

2013 Topps Triple Thread Relic 16/18
Then the Giants acquired Casey McGehee to replace the Panda at the Hot Corner.  He is a much cheaper option.  He had a pretty solid year last year and won the Comeback Player of the Year award.  He displayed virtually no power and I can't imagine that getting better at AT&T Park this year.  Overall I think it was a solid signing and it eased my mind a bit, at least we won't be trotting Joaquin Arias out every day.

2013 Topps Tier One Relic 113/399
Panda has almost left my consciousness, I had moved on.  Then his idiotic comments came to light.  I somewhat get why he would rip the entire organization's front office. He was hurt by a perceived lack of respect due to a lowball offer during the off season prior to the 2014 season.  At the time I think the offer was wise but hurt feelings would not be out of the question.  But he then ripped all of his former teammates with the exception of Hunter Pence and reveals that he was never going to resign with the Giants. I thought back to victory parade after the World Series where the fans gave him so much love and he told them he would do everything to come back. I guess that was all a lie.  And what did the rest of the Giants team do to him.  This didn't make this Giants fan feel good and made cutting any emotional ties quite easy.

2011 Topps Heritage Stamp with Justin Morneau 55/62
So what is my plan moving forward with regards to Panda cards. I am a Giants collector, I won't be going after any of his new cards other than the ones I need for my sets.  I doubt I will go after any of his past cards unless they are base card needs. If I run across a neat looking card at a very good price, I may pick it up but I don't see any active pursuit of his cards.  I will still enjoy the cards that I have in my collection and they will always bring back memories of some World Series titles.

2010 Bowman Sterling Dual Relic with Prince Fielder 179/199
Have there ever been two players who belong on a card together more than these two?  Sayonara Panda, enjoy Boston and try to stay away from the cream pies.


  1. It will probably be better off for the Giants in the long run. They will be hurt in the short term, but the payroll flexibility will allow them to chase a better free agent next year. If it wasn't for the playoff heroics Sandoval's year was pretty pedestrian. His WAR was 11th best for third baseman and Wrc+ was tenth. Really doesn't matter what stat you pick he was pretty much middle of the road.

  2. Fielder wasn't missed in Brew-town or Detroit. I was pleased to see him heading for Texas, land of BBQ. You couldn't be more right about the pairing with Panda on your Sterling card.

    1. Well, Fielder's *bat* at first was missed in Milwaukee. Trotting Lyle Overbay and Mark Reynolds out there last year was an unmitigated disaster. But otherwise, you're 100% correct. And, there's no real need for these guys to be so harsh to their former clubs. As Seinfeld put it, we cheer for laundry!

  3. I look forward to disliking him as a Red Sox for the next few years.

  4. I hate when guys leave a team any other way than gracefully. Why do that to the fans?

    I love that stamps card, btw.

  5. I lost so much respect for Pablo after those comments, and on top of it all he's on my least favorite team now, so it's safe to say my days of rooting for him are all but over as well. He'll learn quickly that he's only going to be "disrespected" more for every other team he plays for with his career, even as a Yankee fan, I can say the Giants fanbase and general management seem to treat their players with the utmost respect. Oh well.

  6. I can't say I support players going out against former teams and teammates, however, it should be noted that the media always skews our perception to make it look like the players are greedy and whiny and to make the team look less cheap and like they've been 100% wronged.
    The Giants and the media covering them no doubt had several of these ideas/narratives in place in the event that Panda departed for greener grass.

  7. Pablo didn't like his former teammates? Well, he and I have something common!