Saturday, March 7, 2015

Trade Post - Night Owl

I actually have 2 small packages of cards to share from everyone's favorite blogger, Greg at Night Owl Cards. I am Greg's dumping ground for his unwanted Giants and according to his latest note his "luck" in pulling Giants has started to slip but he still tends to find some great cards to send my way.

The first package had a nice assortment of Giants:
In this scan we have a nice Orange Chrome parallel of Matt Cain, a base card of Giants closer Santiago Casilla and a couple minis including a sweet black border of my favorite player of all time Mr. Willie McCovey. I had a copy of that McCovey in my player collection binder and now I have one for my Giants binder.
This Willie Mays card is super cool.  It is slightly oversized and features a picture from his Negro Leagues game.  I had seen this card somewhere before but did not have one in my collection so this was a great addition to my collection.

The last card in this package was a great vintage Giants card. I had a pretty beat up copy of this already and this is a major condition upgrade.  This is one of my favorite Topps sets of all time and this card does not disappoint with the great play at the plate action shot in the background.

The second package was a very recent arrival as evidenced by the gold parallel of the Giants World Series victory.  My guess is that it had to pain Night Owl to see this card pop out of a pack of 2015 Topps.
The Lincecum is a refractor parallel and I am consistently surprised with where the Giants come out of the wood works from Greg's collection.  I also seem to get a couple A&G minis in many of the packages from Night Owl

The final 2 cards are greatly appreciated as they came directly from my want list.  For some reason I decided to collect all the full sized insert sets from 2012 Allen & Ginter including these clue cards.  I think many people must have seen them as filler because it has been virtually impossible to complete the set but Greg was able to knock one off.  He also shot me a nice Chili Davis Classic card for my newest player collection.

Thanks once again for some great cards Greg!