Monday, March 2, 2015

Trade Post - Bob Walk the Plank

Since I have started this blog, I have never been fully caught up on posting trade packages - I have decided to remedy that.  My plan is to post one Trade Post per day until I have made my way through all the card scans in my trade folder.  I owe it to the great bloggers/readers to share the wonderful cards I have received.

Tonight I am going to share a very impressive 3 card package from Matt at Bob Walk the Plank.  Matt has an amazing collection of Pirates and is a frequent commenter on my blog which I greatly appreciate.  I have noticed that he posts replies to many of the comments left on his blog which is very cool.

The first card in this package was a nice Heritage Minors relic of the Giants top prospect Kyle Crick.  Odds are Crick will be traded away in a trade deadline deal to bring in a proven veteran. I used to complain about things like this but with 3 championships in the last 5 years I have decided I have no right to question the approach of the Giants' front office.  I really dig the design of these cards and contemplated going after the Clubhouse Collection relic set in the regular Heritage set but decided against it.

This next card is super cool, it is a Jason Schmidt card with the relic piece being the MLB logo. This card is serial numbered 57/99 but with this swatch it should be more of a 1/1. I believe Matt was holding onto this because Schmidt was a great pitcher for the Pirates before coming to the Giants.  I am very thankful that Matt thought it belongs in the hands of a Giants fan.  Rest assured, it will not be leaving my collection.

Finally is the card that started the discussion, check out this patch!  Not only is it a great 3-color patch, it is of Giants' ace Madison Bumgarner.  The card is the patch version of 2014 Donruss Game Gear and is numbered 07/25.  Matt was lucky enough to pull the beauty out of a box of Donruss and I was even luckier that he sent it my way.

Matt, thank you so much for the package!  I have been putting together a return package for you since I received this and I am getting close to having it ready.  I just need one more piece to finish it off and package it up.  Thanks for the generosity and for being such a loyal reader.


  1. Just glad they are in the hands of a Giants fan.

    I'm guessing if the Giants are able to keep their heads above water until the trade deadline that they will add a significant piece. From what I read they gave Sandoval and Lester comparable offers. Maybe they can go after someone like Cueto if they are in the hunt.

  2. I've got that same Crick card above, but numbered to 99. Email me if you would be interested. Thanks and nice pickups.

  3. Matt put together a fine package! He can't help it!