Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Trade Post - Johnny's Trading Post

I am going to continue my series of trade posts and share some Giants cards sent my way from John at Johnny's Trading Spot.  John offered up stacks of cards by team to help thin out his collection and I decided to lay claim to the Giants.  I wasn't sure what to expect but when I got the package an opened up the cards, here is what I saw:

That is a pretty sizable stack!  As my collection grows and I focus on adding base cards in 2015, I am finding that even large stacks like this don't typically generate too many new cards for my collection.  Lucky for me my 2 sons are becoming more interested in collecting cards plus I always have my friend's son to drop periodic Priority Mail boxes on. 

Lucky for me, the entire package wasn't fodder for the kids.  I was actually able to pull some very nice new additions to my Giants collection.

The first two cards are from the game MLB Showdown. I have very few of these cards in my collection and would like to acquire more. They just don't pop up that often so I was pleasantly surprised to see them in these stacks.  The UD Victory set has a somewhat unique design with a close up of the bigger photo in the bottom corner with some sepia like effects.  I actually think it works.  Rich Aurilia had a couple of really amazing years for the Giants and overall had a solid career, Baseball Reference has Brandon Phillips as his most similar player and former Giant and Cub Shawon Dunston ranks as his 5th most close similar.  I love getting a trio of JT Snow cards I needed, I thought about player collecting JT before I went all in on Giants, he is one of my favorites.  Who knows maybe one day I will but in the meantime I will gladly add all his Giants cards to the Giants binder.  Of these 3, my favorite is the Donruss Preferred, a good post hit photo in a pretty cool design.

John, thanks for the great stack of cards, I always appreciate a Giants dump.  I recently got a return package out to you, I hope you can use some of the cards.

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  1. a generous trade from John! I like the Donruss Preferred as well. sharp!