Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Black Friday COMC Order #1 - Vintage Set Needs

Time to show off some of those COMC goods from Black Friday.

I am still working on getting my card room at my new house organized.  Some parts of my collection are more organized than ever but I am still struggling to find the right place for everything.  Part of my struggle has been a lack of wall space which doesn't allow for as many shelves for storage/display as I would like.   One wall has windows starting 2 feet off the ground up to the ceiling.  A second wall has double doors to enter the room along with a door to the outside.  A third wall has a door into a Jack and Jill bathroom and the walk in closet, leaving only one wall with full wall space.

I have a pretty large number of complete sets in pages that fill a majority of the book cases I have on that one wall.  I have decided that I won't put any new sets into binders but will still try to fit my vintage sets into pages/binders.  My last set to input that is fully complete was my 1973 set - or at least I thought it was complete.

A few weeks back I was sitting in front of the TV putting my 1973 set into pages when I noticed a few missing cards. I am pretty embarrassed to admit this as I am usually very careful.  I went through my stack of duplicates and plugged a few holes but in the end I was left with 4 empty slots in my binder.  I quickly jumped on to COMC and filled the holes.

I am very happy to welcome these 4 cards into my collection and now officially call my 1973 Topps set complete:

Some other happy additions are these traded cards and a 1970 Topps Checklist.

With the traded card acquisitions, I now have complete sets of the 1974 and 1976 Topps Traded sets.  The 1970 checklist is a variation, leaving me 1 variation away from having all the cards for my set along with the variations. The traded sets are small but I am happy to have them complete.

I am currently working on the 1971 and 1972 Topps sets.  My progress on the 1972 set has pretty much stalled - I am frustrated with the limited availability and the high cost of the massive high number series.  I am seriously contemplating finishing off the other series and punting on the high numbers.  Luckily my frustration with the 1972 set is balanced out by my progress on the 1971 set.  The next 3 scans show the 26 new cards I was able to add from this order including a trio of HOFers and quite a few high number short prints.

This leaves me only needing 34 cards to complete this set!  I have a couple big namers in Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente along with the high number Don Baylor/Dusty Baker high number SP rookie card.  In all I need 20 SPs.  I have already gone onto COMC since this shipment and purchased 8 of the 14 non-SP cards.  I am so close I can taste it. I want to be careful and not overspend as I get closer to the end but I am very confident I can put the set from my year of birth to rest sometime in 2017.

The last 3 vintage set need cards I picked up are from the 1960 Fleer set.  Picking up these 3 leave me with 32 of the 80 cards in the set.  I had picked up a few of these at my LCS Bid Board back in CA and decided I was going to casually pursue this set.  This trio were well priced and met my condition needs

Not a ton of vintage in this order but definitely some great pick ups towards 3 set builds and the finishing of 2 Traded Sets.

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