Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 Black Friday COMC Order #5 - Core 3 Player Collections

If by some act or decree I had to limit my many player collections (I think I have 16 across 3 sports) down to a top 3, it would be a pretty easy choice.  My picks would be Willie McCovey, Ronnie Lott and Rickey Henderson.  I picked up a variety of cards for my various player collections in the COMC order and thought splitting them up this way would be the way to go.

First up are my Willie Mac pick-ups:

Stretch has a bunch of cards in the 2014 Panini Hall of Fame set.  These 5 all come from what I would call the base set and these represent just 2 of the 3 different fronts available.  Each set has a different photo and a different border and color around the photo.  The top 4 are what are referred to as the Blue Frame while the bottom 2 are the Green Frame.  There are also Red Frame cards.  Each frame has 6 different varieties with different print runs (base /75, black /1, blue /25, gold /5, green /10 and red /50).  This represents 5 of the 18 cards available and with the low print runs I will never get this set complete but will have fun trying.

An insert within the 2014 Panini Hall of Fame release are these Crusade cards.   The blue framed is not serial numbered and is considered the base.  The purple is /50 and the orange die-cut is /25.     I also have a gold die-cut /10 and a red /75 in my collection.  The only missing cards are the black die-cut /1 and the green die-cut /5.  Again a set I won't ever complete but I am pretty happy with where I am at.

These are 4 more random McCoveys I picked up.  The card on the top left is from 2012 Panini Cooperstown, one of my favorite all time sets.   It was on my want list but not only did I have a copy in my McCovey binder, I had one in my Giants binder and at least one in my dups box - oops.  This year's Gypsy Queen was an SP so I am glad to finally pick this one up.  The bottom left mini is from Panini Golden Age and the Ty Cobb back is one of the most rare.

Next up are my Ronnie Lott pick-ups:

I hadn't picked up any 2015 High Tek Lott cards but with this purchase I now have 6 different variations.  I plan to keep my eyes open for some of the rarer parallels as I would like to fill up an entire page.

Here are cards from two different higher end releases. If you are interested in these cards and all the parallels there can be some good deals to be had on COMC from what I assume are people who crack them for the hits then just toss them up on COMC to get rid of them - just stay away from my players!

The last were just 3 random newer release Ronnies.  The Prizm with the Red, White and Blue border is just a great looking card.  Probably my favorite thing about all these cards is that they feature him in his Niners gear.  While I will pick up the Jets and Raiders cards, my favorites are the Niners and Trojans.

Finally a quad of Rickey Henderson cards from the mid 2000's.
I have recognized I have some big gaps on some pretty easy to find Rickey cards from 2002-2007 and this was a start to remedy the situation.  These 4 cards from about the same time frame show Rickey with 4 different squads.  The man got around.

More stuff to come from my 433 card purchase...

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  1. LOL, I have 175 of those Hall of Fame in my my cart right now.