Saturday, January 7, 2017

2016 Black Friday COMC Order #4 - Eureka

A few months back I was thinking it would be cool to obtain all the Topps Gold parallels for my Giants collection.  I have done so since 2011 when I decided to super collect the Giants.  I didn't do a whole lot of research into how many, I just went onto COMC and looked for any cards I needed that were under a dollar. Come to find out, there were a lot of cards I was missing.  I was able to fill quite a few gaps but still have a ways to go.

In the spirit of showing all 433 cards I got in this shipment, I scanned these by year.  I also figure I will indicate how many I have left to complete my quest for each year (note, I have picked up a few more since writing this post).  Forewarning - if your eyes are allergic to gold, you may want to skip this post.

 The first appearance of Topps Gold parallels was in 1992.  Going into this, I was in need of only 1 card to complete the 1992 set, card #618 a 4 player Top Prospects card.  I quickly gobbled up the only copy on COMC.  When I was sorting and updating my checklist I was happy to knock this team set off my list.  However after scanning the card I noticed the word Winners across the top.  There is also a Gold Winners set you got through redemption and I already had that set complete so I am still without a complete 1992 set.  My 1993 set was already complete and these other 5 1994 cards

1992 Topps - Need 1/31
1993 Topps - Complete
1994 Topps - Complete

Topps took a break from the Gold parallels from 1995-2000 and started them up again for their 50th anniversary in 2001.  In addition to the base set, they paralleled these for the Traded set as well.  This also started the practice that still exists today of serial numbering the cards to the year, therefore these are all /2001.  My collection was pretty thin on Gold parallels from 2001 and I suspect this set might cost a bit to pick up due to shipping from multiple seller.

2001 Topps - Need 16/26
2001 Topps Traded - 3/8

This is another set with quite a few needs although the Lofton and Foppert cards did finish off the Traded set for me.

2002 Topps - Need 12/22
2002 Topps Traded - Complete 

The trend here continues with the Traded sets being much more complete.  The Boof (what a name!) got me to within 1.  Some solid names in the base set pickup but I am still in need of a couple Bonds cards.

2003 Topps - Need 12/25
2003 Topps Traded - Need 1/12

 Just realized the Giants are fairly unrepresented in the 2004 Topps set.  In a set of over 700 cards you would expect to see in the mid 20s for each team.  These pick ups got me to the half way point on the base set and I already had the Traded set complete.

2004 Topps Needs - 9/18
2004 Topps Traded - Complete

 This is the set I need the most help on, only have 6 flagship parallels - ouch.  My Update set is almost complete.

2005 Topps Needs - 17/23
2005 Topps Update Needs - 1/7

 It was nice to be able to pick up 7 new cards for the 2006 set in this shipment. Still work to do but much closer.  I have a blind spot to this set, I don't remember collecting it very much but I do know I built it from Jumbo boxes.

2006 Topps Needs - 12/22
2006 Topps Update Needs -  2/7

I was able to do some serious, and greatly needed damage to my 2007 want list. These are some of my favorite gold parallels with such a contrast to the black borders.

2007 Topps Needs - 7/20
2007 Topps Update Needs - 1/8

The 2008 set has the most new additions with 14 new cards.  I was able to finish off the complete flagship Series 1 and Series 2 set.  I am a Tim Lincecum All Star card short of the Update set.  This is a team set completely within reach.

2008 Topps - Complete
2008 Topps Update - 1/8

 I love having a couple cards of the Big Unit in this set and happy to be able to pick them up.  I wonder how players treat situations like Johnson with the Giants. He hit is big 300 wins milestone with the Giants and I know he enjoyed mentoring the Giants young pitching staff but I wonder as time passes if his stint with the Giants will ever be on his radar.

2009 Topps Needs - 3/26
2009 Topps Update - Complete

 This is the set right before I placed my focus on the Giants.  I remember picking up a Buster Gold rookie as I was thinking of collecting him as a player.  I am still missing the Bumgarner card which probably won't be cheap to pick up. 

2010 Topps Needs - 4/25
2010 Topps Update - Complete

Since 2011 I have tried to complete the gold team sets as the products come out.  I have been lucky a few times to find a team set from a case breaker for sale or at least a lot.  Otherwise it becomes picking up a card here and there until it is complete.  

The 2015 Topps Update set eluded me for quite a while until I was able to pick up this Matt Duffy in this shipment to finish off all of 2015.  With this Trevor Brown I am still short a Series 2 Bumgarner #600 for the 2016 team set.

I have been picking up a few cards on COMC since this Black Friday shipment since I have some free shipping coming my way and will probably take a pass to see if I can track down some reasonably priced cards off my want list.  I am not close enough to over pay - yet!


  1. Looks cool to see the parallels all together. Really makes them stand out more than just a single random card here and there.

  2. Wow, looks like you struck it rich!