Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trade Post - P-Town Tom Delivers Some Giants Goodies

Time to share a couple of packages of great Giants goodies that P-Town Tom from the blog newly renamed Eamus Catuli! shot my way.  It is highly likely that one or both of these came my way before the Cubs World Series victory that led to the name change.  Congrats on the Cubs' victory, I am sure you are still on the amazing high.

I love adding Barry Bonds cards to my Giants collection and I have found many collectors are glad to get them out of their collection.  I have been hearing some noise about the tides turning for Bonds and Roger Clemens with regards to the Hall of Fame.  Probably not this year but hopefully next year the writers will come to their senses and put my generations best and most feared hitter into the HOF.

 Next up is about half of the team set for the Emotion-XL release from 1996.  These are nice cards with the borders raised and the border material resembling picture framing mat.  I have never seen packs of these and am curious about how they were packaged.

This 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game set is one of my favorites, I actually have a complete base set and remember breaking a box or two in the early 2000s.  The card design is great, photo selection is almost perfect and the border colors work well.

Here are a couple final cards from the first package. That Ring Leaders card is super wild, check out the design and all the colors.  The East Meets West insert presents a dilemma, does it go in the Giants binder or with the insert set I am trying to complete.  Until I get another, has to go in the Giants binder.

I have a number of complete sets from 2016 but for the first time in my collecting career I went the route of buying full sets off eBay more often than not.  That resulted in quite a few holes in my Giants collection this year, even base cards.  Some trade packages such as this have helped out a ton, great 2016 cards here.

I also scored this sweet mini-poster from the 1997 Sports Illustrated release.  You can see the folds in the scan, these are the size of 4 cards and folded up in the card packs.  Most like this one, feature nice colorful photos.

Tom included a nice oddball from a Hall of Fame calendar featuring my favorite player, Willie Mccovey, very cool!

Here are some additional cards that I needed from this trade package.  I have to been getting close to the Score Gold Rush parallel set.  To me that Darryl Strawberry card is a perfect representation of what Darryl stands for.  Hiding in the shadows, stand offish and not the happiest guy in the world.

This final group of cards all were missing from my master Giants checklist.  My checklist originated off and most of these probably didn't have the Giants listed as the team for one reason or another.  While I always enjoy knocking cards off my want list, it is even better being gifted cards I had no idea I needed.

Thanks P-Town Tom for the great groups of cards!

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