Friday, April 20, 2018

Returns from the Purge - The Collector

When I posted about my big collection purchase and shared some of my finds I had a few collectors reach out and work out a trade for some of the cards.  Despite some really nice trades and purchase I worked out, this was perhaps my favorite.  Chris from The Collector  shared a pretty awesome card that he had and I didn't hesitate a bit when he offered it up for trade.  In typical blogger fashion, I will save the gem for the end but I also scored some other nice cards for my collection.

First up some Giants needs.  I can't believe I never picked up that Mays catch, it is a beautiful card.  The Panda card is a great one, the 2010 Finest design is one of my favorites with the team logo in the background.  I like that Sandoval is blowing a bubble in his fielding position, he is looking in pretty good shape as well.

Here are a couple of great looking 49er cards, those first few years of Ultra produced beautiful cards.  Merton Hanks is one of my favorite Niners of all time, I have even thought of building a collection of his cards but haven't pulled the trigger.

These are two parallels from last year's Heritage release, they are the bright yellow back variations.  I didn't have any of these yet so super nice additions to my collection.

However, here is the star of the show:

A 1934 Goudey!  This is the first Goudey card from 34 in my collection.  This is such a great looking card and a wonderful addition to my Giants collection.

Chris, I can't thank you enough, thanks for the awesome trade!

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  1. Wow, you're the fourth blogger to write me a thank you post this week. I feel so popular! :)

    I'm thrilled that I could add a few new cards to your impressive collection. The Critz and heritage yellow backs were impulse buys on COMC, the rest was just stuff I had in my binders.

    Thanks again for the football cards, and that nice stack of Red Sox autos!