Monday, April 16, 2018

Returns from the Purge - It's like having my own Card Shop

These aren't necessarily trade posts, as the boxes I sent out in my purge were sent out no strings attached.  I can't say I am surprised with how many fellow bloggers did some some cards back in return with the generosity consistently displayed in this community.  Today's post is a return package from It's like having my own Card Shop

I got a nice variety of Giants cards with quite a few cards to knock off my want list.

The two UD Play Ball cards finished off a team set, very cool.  I didn't realized the Correia was a parallel until it was getting filed away in my binder, that was a nice surprise.  The Burkett silver signature parallel gets me one step closer to the team set.  I haven't officially gone on a quest to complete the silver sig parallel set but every time I get a new one I almost pull the trigger on a shopping spree to finish it off.

I haven't figured out a way to create a checklist of Giants minor leaguers, one of the few gaps in my pretty detailed checklists.  I am always glad to add more to my collection.  I still need to get a binder put together for them, maybe that can be a 2019 goal, lord knows I have enough goals for 2018.

This is a nice relic of a short time stay with the Giants, Andres Galarraga.  The Big Cat played for the Giants for part of 2001 and all of 2003 and played pretty well even being at the end of his career.  It seems his autographed cards have started to pop up in a few new Topps products lately.  I was able to purge my collection of most of my Chipz, except of course the Giants.  The black Panda Chipz is the first of that color I have seen.  Not sure if it is super rare but I bought quite a few packs and never got a black one.

The final cards to share are at first glace what appears to be typical 2004 Topps Giants base cards.  Upon closer inspection, I saw the 1st edition symbol on these.  I had 2 or 3 of these parallels in my collection but all 5 are new to me.  I don't recall how these were distributed but I am glad to have almost a binder page full now.

Thanks for the great cards Daniel, I really appreciate you returning the favor.


  1. The longest HR I've seen in person at Phone Co Stadium was hit by the Big Cat (almost to the glove in LF) the 1st game back after the 9/11 shutdown week.

  2. That Galarraga jersey card is cool. Interesting that UD decided to honor their inaugural year, but chose to have the athlete pictured with their current team. It would have been cool to see The Cat featured in an Expos jersey. Lol. But then I guess it wouldn't be part of this Giants package ;)

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