Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Joy of a Completed Insert Set - 2014 Panini Hall of Fame The Elite Series

In addition to knocking off the last three cards of my 1969 Topps set, my recent COMC order also finished off a couple more sets I have been working on.  Interestingly, I have been working on these sets for much longer than the 1969 set but they are much more modern.

This post will focus on the second of those two sets, The Elite Dominator insert set that was also an insert in 2014 Panini Hall of Fame.  As I mentioned previously, I bought a few boxes of this to help expand my autograph collection of Hall of Famers.  Each box contained one or two of these inserts and I instantly fell in love with them  After a few boxes and seeing that prices were very reasonable on the secondary market I decided to build the the set.

This Roberto Clemente was the final card I need to finish off the set:

Again, I decided to show the set off in its entirety, as you will see the collection of players is also quite impressive with quite a few of teh same players from the Elite Series.  Even though I really like the design of The Elite Series inserts, the green borders make these my favorite of the tow.  See for yourself: 


  1. Nice again! I may have to track these down too after seeing the results of your hard work. 90s designs rule!

  2. Congratulations! That's a huge set... especially when you consider that collectors only pulled 1 or 2 from each box.

  3. For some reason I REALLY like the black and white photos on that design. Congrats on the completion! There are some nice Cubs in there!