Sunday, August 26, 2012

Card Shop Visit

There is a card shop pretty close to an office I visit periodically for work and I recently stopped by to check it out.  One of the nice features is a pretty big dime box of cards.  I didn't have very long to search so I just looked through a couple rows and found these goodies:

Some of these cards were picked up as trade bait as you can see by the 4 Dodgers cards.  I thought a Jim Abbot RC card for a dime was a good score.  I had picked up the Schmidt and Parker cards in this dime box before, don't know what I was thinking but they were hard to pass up.  I have been contemplating starting a Dave Parker collection in just his Pirates uni but have taken the plunge yet.  Not sure why I got the Gwynn other than I always liked him as a player and I like Ultra inserts.  I thought I needed the Tolan for my 1970 set but I already have it, it is in pretty good shape so I need to see if it is a condition upgrade.

Next up are some actual set needs.  The top 3 were in a bin of $3 each or 4/$10.  Some pretty good scores in my opinion.  The bottom 4 were in $1 each or 12/$10.  The Cobb and Gehrig have a little pencil writing on the back but at that price I couldn't pass them up.

I picked up these 1972 cards:
 The top 3 were in the 12/$10 bin while the Yaz was in the 4/$10 bin. I haven't officially started on the 1972 set, I want to get either the 1970 or 1973 sets complete (not to mention the last few cards of my 1975 set) before officially taking the plunge but I have started to accumulate a fairly nice collection of star card from 1972.

Here is the rest of my 4/$10 pick ups:
 Wasn't sure if I need the Killebrew or not for my set (I don't) but I love that card so an extra one is not a bad thing.  Freddy Lynn is another player I have thought about collecting for a while.  Picking up the Kaline and Roberts for $2.50 each was a nice pick up in my opinion, HOF vintage that cheap I couldn't pass up.

Here are the rest of 12/$10 cards:
Thought I might need the top 2 for my 1970 set but I don't.  A 1971 Billy Williams for a buck was impossible to pass up.  I thought one of the many Dodgers collectors out there might like a Charlie Hough auto card, although I did cut off the right side of the card in the scan and there is some damage.

I also tried to pick up some Giants cards but only found 3 and out of those 3 I only needed one:

I needed the Boof Topps HTA card.  Already had the Accardo and Lincecum although maybe one of those Dodger collectors would be drawn to a trade for the Podres half of the card.  The Boof and Accardo were dime box purchases while the Lincecum was in the dollar bin.

My last purchases were some contest grab bag lots that were 2/$20.  These grab bags guarantee 1 RC card, 1 Relic and 1 Auto.  Also 1/10 have prizes that can be pretty nice.  I won an Al Kaline GU/Auto prize once in one of these.  No big prize during this visit but I was pretty happy with what I got.

Nothing too exciting on the rookie front and I wasn't super excited to pull 2 non-certified autos of managers (although it was nice to get two autos instead of one).  However, when I saw the Bench card, any disappointment quickly evaporated.  I really like the design of this card and I don't have too many Bench cards.  Took a quick look at the checklist and there is a Bonds card in this set I am going to have to track down.  Very happy with this pack.

 My second one wasn't too bad either.  A Mike Mussina RC, could be worse.  Wonder if he is a HOFer?  The Crawford auto wasn't too exciting but I was pretty happy again with the relic card.  This Heyward card is super shiny and numbered to 99.

A pretty good day at the card shop.  During my next trip to that office, I am hoping to have some more time to dig through the dime bin, I have found some great cards there in my few visits.


  1. Nice Tom Poquette pick up!

    What??? That's not why you bought it??? :-)

  2. Total, utter LCS-envy after reading this post.


    Thanks for sharing!