Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trade Post - Night Owl

Recently I got a nice little package from Greg over at Night Owl Cards.  He is always happy to rid himself of this Giants and I am always a willing recipient.  I always get a clever note about being happy to rid himself of the evil Giants and I suppose they are feeling more evil than ever after the recent sweep.  Let's take a look at the cards:

 First are some Ginter minis from this year.  Greg sent me a 2009 Ginter black border mini a little ways back.  He seems to be lucky (from my perspective) in pulling Lincecums which seems to benefit me.  The Belt was the first retail parallel I had seen then I picked up a big lot in a Sportlots purchase.  By the way, all those trade bait minis have been traded.  This is a pretty good trio right now for the Giants, Lincecum is seeming to be back close to his old self, Pagan is on fire and scored in all 3 Dodger games and Belt seems to be doing a little better as of late.

Greg also included a trio of 2012 Bowman card including Cy Young long shot (but he deserves to be in the conversation) Madison Bumgarner.  The Molina was on my Baker's Dozen list, it was a card that until recently I didn't have on my Giants want list.  Bengie has a card in the Series 2 set with the exact same photo (this is card #4 in the set from Series 1).

Thanks for another great trade Greg, it is nice to have a place to unload my Dodgers too.

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  1. I've already pulled another unholy assortment of Giants since. Angels and Giants -- I don't know out there thinks I collect those teams.