Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trade Post - Broken Lumber Blog

A couple weeks back, Jeremy from Broken Lumber Blog, dropped me a note letting me know he has some of my set and  Giants needs and looking to strike up a trade.  It didn't take long to make it happen and I thought I would show off the goods. First up, set needs.

The Luebke was the last base card I needed to complete my Gypsy Queen set.  Yeah!!!  I love completing sets.  The two inserts brought me close to finishing that off two, down to 3 inserts to put the set portion of Gypsy Queen to rest.  I really need to get to work on those Giants minis.  Jeremy also included a couple Ginter cards, still need a ton of this year set but I have been traveling too much to really finish up any deals.  I suspect with Gint a Cuffs, there should be plenty of surplus Ginter around.  Finally a Smoltz insert from Series 2, down to 5 Series 2 inserts to finish that off.

Next up some Giants:

These were some of my favorites that Jeremy included.  I still remember the shock the day I heard the Giants got Barry Bonds and you have to love the capturing of his press conference in that Fleer Atlantic card.  The two vintage were upgrades for me, both of my originals were in worse shape.  Livan Hernandez was a solid pitcher during his stint with the Giants, glad to add a card of this.  The Quentin isn't a Giants card, it somehow snuck into the scan.  I have always been tempted to crack a relic from Ginter, wonder what the story is behind this one?

The Posey leaves only the Lincecum variation card left in that team set and I added 3 nice minis.  Jeremy threw in the Panda card right at the end as it came out of a pack he just ripped.  Very cool!

Finally Jeremy include two unopened packs of 1988 Topps UK Minis. Having never had the chance to open these before I quickly tore into them.
 Pack 1 packed some star power with 2 HOFers and 3 MVPs.  I was excited to see the Giants logo but already have the Mitchell.   There are 2 Giants I need from this set so I guess it would have been great to pull one but hard to argue with this selection of players.
 Pack 2 also produced 2 HOFers but the remaining 3 players, while solid players in their own right, didn't quite live up to the MVPs of pack one.  Regardless there is a great selection in this set and some fun packs to rip.
And you can't forget the gum!  Yum!!!

Jeremy, thanks for the great trade!


  1. My god, the gum isn't even pink anymore. I don't think I would feed that to my worst enemy's dog!