Friday, August 10, 2012

Mail Day - Cards from Community Gum

A couple weeks back I was able to strike a deal with Community Gum to acquire some 2012 Topps Series 2 cards I needed for my 2012 Giants collection and my insert set.  I am getting close to finishing off both so I thought I would showcase my new cards and also take a shot at promoting my want list to finish these off.

First, let's take a look at the Giants:
 I really like these Gold Rush Wrapper Redemption cards and I was able to pick up three of the 4 from series 2.  Didn't have much lucky myself with the Series 1 redemption so I didn't pick up the extra Jumbo packs to send in for Series 2. A little off topic but I do think it was lame on Topps part to make the redemption need 14 Jumbo packs when a box comes with 10.  You get a full set typically with your Jumbo box so why the extra 14 (I know it is to sell additional product but that is lame for the regular collector).  It just makes them available for those big case crackers - although it is great to have connections with bloggers like Community Gum so you can pick up your team needs.

I was also able to get some Giants inserts.  Of course the McCovey has to be one of my favorites, celebrating his inclusion in the 1500 RBI club.  From a visually appealing perspective, I think my favorites here are the Mays A Cut Above and the Posey Golden Futures.  The die cut design is great on the Mays and I really enjoy the mid swing picture and look of concentration on his face.  With the Posey card, I always enjoy seeing guys in their catcher's gear and you just know he is tracking a foul pop up in this photo.  The design of this insert set isn't necessarily my favorite but the photo makes the card.

Here is my want list for Series 2 Giants minus the Target/Wal Mart/Toys R Us parallels and some hits:

2012 Topps #379 Sergio Romo

2012 Topps Career Day #CD15 Willie Mays

2012 Topps Gold Rush Wrapper Redemption #96 Willie Mays

2012 Topps Historical Stitches #JM Juan Marichal S2

2012 Topps Team Rings #WM Willie Mays

I also mentioned I picked up some needs for my insert sets.  For the last several years, I have collected all the inserts from the Topps sets in addition to the base. I got tons of help in this deal.

I cheated a little last year and picked up full inserts sets of everything minus the 1987 Minis and the Gold Standard cards.  I had some extra cash and felt it was going to be challenging to trade this year.  Most of my trades for inserts were on SCF over the past few years and I have been fairly inactive there since starting the blog.

Check out the player selection on these Gold Standard cards.  Most celebrate pretty big milestones with a couple celebrating a season or streak.  I always enjoy cards celebrating retired players and HOFer and was glad to pick up 14 of these cards in this deal.  I also got 5 of the minis towards my set, 2 retired greats and 3 of today's all stars.

Here is my current want list of the 2012 Series 2 inserts:
2012 Topps 1987 Topps Minis #TM71 Carlos Santana
2012 Topps 1987 Topps Minis #TM72 Hunter Pence

2012 Topps Gold Standard #GS31 Hank Aaron
2012 Topps Gold Standard #GS41 Mike Schmidt
2012 Topps Gold Standard #GS45 Derek Jeter

With only 5 left, I should be able to finish this one off before the Update set comes out which is always the goal.

Thanks to the guys over at Community Gum for the help on completing these two.

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  1. Nice cards! The Gold Rush cards are awesome! They have a very unique feel to them.