Sunday, May 17, 2015

A New HOF Auto???

I have shared some of my successes from the $10 Card Chase packs at my LCS and I recently had another nice win.  I was able to pull a 3rd place winner card and had a selection of five cards to pick from.  I don't remember all the choices but remember it came down to two cards and I ultimately decided on this great looking card from 2000 Upper Deck Legends:

This is the Gold Parallel version of the Legendary Signatures card of Vladimir Guerrero. As you can see, it is hand numbered 20/50.  I picked this card for a couple of reasons.  First, I do think Vlad is a potential HOFer so this is a potential early addition to my HOF collection. lists these HOFers amongst his 10 most similar players - Jim Rice, Willie Stargell, Billy Williams and Duke Snider.  His closest comparison is a guy currently on the ballot in Jeff Bagwell.  Virtual certain future HOFers Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera are also on the list, great company and I believe good reason Vlad should be elected.  Another reason I wanted this card is the design, this card looks great - both the design and the photo selection. I love that Vlad is pictured as an Expo as well.  Great card and great addition to my collection.

After scanning this amazing Vlad auto I recognized I had a couple other Guerrero cards in the scan folder for an unknown reason.
 I am guessing this was a pack or box pull a couple years back when Topps was clearing out the inventory of jersey swatches.  Vlad played the 2010 season in Texas before finishing out his career in 2011 with the Orioles.

In addition to his time with the Expos, Vlad is best known for his time with the Angels.  He spent 8 seasons in Montreal and 6 in Anaheim.

Vlad was a great player and tons of fun to watch.  With the craziness of the HOF voters who knows what type of chance he has but I am a fan of his and hope to see him in Cooperstown sometime in the next few years.


  1. I hope he gets in. It'd be nice to see another former Expos player get into Cooperstown.

  2. That Vlad auto is awesome! He's definitely a Hall of Famer in my opinion.