Saturday, May 16, 2015

Contest Win! from Red Cardboard

Recently there was a contest held over at Red Cardboard, he was giving away some of his extra vintage Reds card.  Since I am starting to have some space and storage issues, I have limited myself to only entering contests that have some cards that are missing from my collection and that I really want and there were a few cards in this contest that definitely fit the bill.

Here are some of my favorites from the nice stack of winnings that came my way:

 There was a nice stack of non-Reds cards that were included in the prize package and here are some of my favorites.  That trio across the top are from the holofoil parallels sets found in retail packs.  They have a nice shiny finish and are great looking cards.  Speaking of shiny, the Nolan Ryan in the bottom left is an actual hologram card also featuring Sylvester the cat.  I have a Reggie Jackson from this set and am thinking this set would be a fun break.  The Reggie and Pete card from 1975 Topps ended up being a need for my Reggie Jackson collection.  I didn't realize it until after I did the scan or I would have probably pulled it out from this group and highlighted it...

like I did for this Rickey Henderson card.  This is the gold holofoil parallel and is a need for my Rickey collection.  Pretty awesome to get 2 player collection needs in a random stack of cards.

There was quite a variety in this group of cards including this IP auto of former Reds starting pitcher.  I could be misremembering but I seem to recall seeing Berenyi pitch against the Giants at a game I attended in the mid-80s.

Now onto some of the cards featured in the contest post - vintage!  The 1965 Chico Ruiz is a great looking card.  I love the cap style and this happens to be a high number short print.  When I finish off my sets in the 70s, the 65 set is one of the ones I am considering collecting so this card will go with my small stack of other 65s until that decision is made.  The Borbon is a cool miscut, I recall getting a pack in 1986 with cards cut this way back in the day.  The 1955 Bowman set is one of my favorites and I am very happy to pick up a card from that set.

1975s Minis and Kellogg's cards - a whole lot of awesomeness in one scan!

Now here are the 3 cards from the original contest post that got me excited.  I have contemplated putting together a player collection of George Foster for quite some time.  He was one of the best players from my childhood and I don't think he gets enough love in the baseball community. He was one of the most feared sluggers and I just love his facial expressions in his cards - and here you get 3 great ones.  I haven't yet decided if I will officially collect Foster but these 3 cards will definitely have a place in my collection.

Thank you Red Cardboard for the great Contest goods!


  1. George Foster was the original badass. Remember how long he was the "last guy with 50 HR in a season"?

  2. Kicking myself for missing this contest.

  3. I can send you scans of my modest Foster collection.

  4. at QAPLAGCA at yahoo