Monday, May 25, 2015

Trip to the LCS - 12 for $10

I recently stopped by my LCS on the way home from a business trip to Grand Rapids, MI.  Every once in a while I peruse through some boxes he has set up with $1 cards.  They also advertise 12 for $10 and I decided to take a run at the $12 since my bid board winnings consisted of only 1 card.

To start, here is the bid board win:

 I was able to pick up this card from the 1964 set for $3.50, I thought that was a decent price considering the condition.  Hammering Hank paced the league with 130 RBI, a sizable advantage over Boyer and White who plated 111 and 109 respectively.  Outside of the 3 guys, only 3 others passed the 100 RBI mark including two of my favorites - Willie Mays with 103 and willie McCovey with 102.

 Now onto the 12 for $10 pickups:
 I already have the single of this 1975 Hostess Bobby Murcer but decided to add this panel.  I remember Zisk as a Mariner and Hendricks as a Cardinal and Angel.  A quick look at Baseball Reference shows Zisk only played 3 years on the Mariners and 6 with the Pirates (along with 3 in Texas and 1 with the White Sox) and Hendricks also played for the A's, Padres and Pirates in addition to the Indians and 2 teams I remember.  Those early 80s years where my collecting was new seems to have resulted in some etched in memories.

Next up is this Commemorative Ticket from the first year of interleague play.  I really am not sure if this was a stadium giveaway or something else.  It is pretty big, about 4.5 inches by 10.5 inches.  I obviously picked it up because it features the Giants, a neat little souvenir.  

 Many of the other cards are just random pickups.  A quick Beckett search shows that Rick Reuschel only has 4 certified auto cards and all of them feature him as a Cub.  I remember his Giants years fondly and despite a crease down the left side of the card, I was happy to find an auto card of him as a Giants.  I couldn't pass up a pink border /50 for less than a buck and if nobody here is interested in trading for it, I will try and flip it on Sportlots.  The Alex Avila is the A&G back hand serial numbered 25/25, again if nobody is interested in a trade onto Sportlots it goes.

It was impossible for me to pass up a nice looking relic numbered to 50 for such a low price.  The Schmidt Museum collection card is a beauty.  The Bagwell Hobby Masters Topps insert is from 1997 and fills a need for my 1997 Topps master collection.  I haven't even started a checklist of the inserts for 97 but knew this was a need.

Finally I ended the purchase with some vintage goodies.  The Concepcion rookie card is a set need and even though there is a small hole I decided that I would pick this up and mark it off the needs list.  The other 3 HOFers are cards I think I already have but at this price and in pretty solid condition I decided I couldn't pass.

Most of these are up for trade if you are interested so drop me a note if you want/need any of them.


  1. The Fisk is beautiful! I was at the first Interleague game between the Rangers and Giants.

  2. Great vintage pickups... especially the Fisk!

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  4. I'm digging the Zisk panel. You got some great deals!